I decided the other day that I was not in the mood to bake pies for Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that I found a pie shop that was still taking orders for Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that they had three different varieties of small pies, because everyone likes something different.

I’m grateful that I don’t need to cook for Thanksgiving this year.

26 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: November 20

  1. I am happy you found the pie shop. I’m still debating, although I cheat and use the Pillsbury Pie Dough ready made. My mom was famous for her pies and homemade crust. She started using Pillsbury and nobody could tell the difference.

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  2. I don’t usually bake pies on Thanksgiving. Our family likes different ones too so sometimes we hit the local pie shop for single slices. I’m just crossing my fingers that our sporadically working oven doesn’t decide to quit working because I AM cooking turkey!

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