• NYPL- Main Branch- The Polonsky Exhibition of the New York Public Library’s Treasures. This exhibit was just so much fun, because there were just all sorts of amazing things to see. My favorites were Charlotte Bronte’s writing desk, the copy of A Christmas Carol that Dickens used when he went places and orated, including his notes, and of course Pooh…
  • I saw Souvenir Part 2- while I think there is some fine acting, and interesting moments, this movie might be a bit too understated, even for me
  • For some reason happened on lots of new (to me) street art and installations. Always love seeing things like this
  • Trouble in Mind is making its Broadway Debut this year, sixty years after it was written. The play written by Alice Childress is about racism in the theater in the 1950’s. It originally appeared off- Broadway and was optioned for Bway, but with with condition that Childress tone down the racism, which she did not do. Thrilled it gets to be preformed as originally written.
  • Sometimes when you go to the Botanic Garden, you get to see the leaves fall
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art- Before We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room- now part of permanent collection. Modern Times: British Prints. 1913-1939 Gallery 691-693 closes 1/9/22. Egypt permanent Collection Gallery 150.
  • Mark’s Off Madison is awesome lunch spot. They bake the absolute best bread anywhere. Seriously. For my bread needs I am going to get all my stuff there. My turkey on rye was perfect. French fries perfect. Lemon Ice Box Cake perfect.

18 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: November 14

    1. I thought the title of that book was just so perfect, as I am the first person to pick up a cozy British Murder…I so want that on my book shelf in hard copy


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