Today is my daughter’s birthday.

She is no longer a teenager.

I am grateful we had a fairly smooth ride through her teen years.

I am grateful that she still looks forward to talking to me.

I am so grateful that she is back on campus!!

Happy Birthday to my most favorite daughter!!!

40 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday 11/13

  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter!

    Two days ago I had a daughter turn 50 years old. She will be my marker this year. I have a hard time remembering my children’s ages, so I pick one every year to remember so that I can figure out how old the other two are. When numbers hit my brain, they sizzle and evaporate.

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      1. Oh Wow! She wasn’t easy on you!! What is it with these kids! I was in the hospital 9 days before he was born due to weird contractions. He wasn’t due til Dec 10th but I was having awful contractions. They would last for 10 minutes each time! His heart rate kept rising too high with the contractions so they decided to deliver by C-section.

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  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter—it sounds like she is a good daughter from what I read in your posts.
    My son still has a few months left of being a teen–time flies!

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