• You never know what you are going to see around NYC- a plaque dedicated to writers, a snow globe dedicated to Broadway or a Naked Cowboy
  • Nowon is a amazing restaurant in the East Village. It’s Korean inspired, however they clearly make one of the most delicious burgers in the city. Also, their soju based cocktails are incredibly tasty. Of course, they sent a text to confirm our reservation. When I replied “Y”, the reply text came back “It Gon Be Lit”.
  • Velvet Underground documentary is quite good, though, I did not know much about them save Lou Reed, Andy Warhol and Nico. The director showed people talking, but I had no idea who some of them were or their relation. The closing credits did give a quick bio, but would have been helpful to know during the actual doc.
  • NYPL for the Performing Arts advertised a display of mini broadway sets. Bleh. It was extremely lackluster. Though I am seeing a revival of Company next month, so seeing the original 1970 set design was somewhat interesting
  • 90th anniversary of Frankenstein. Love this movie. However, I realized that in the credits, the author credit was listed as “Mrs. Percy Shelley” Can you imagine?
  • Had the roti breakfast at Miss Lily’s- Caribbean/Jamaican food. Jerk sausage.Yum.
  • Molly’s cupcakes for our Halloween Treat- Mine was bottom left- Apple Pie flavor. SO GOOD. I mean…sooooo good….piece of buttery pie crust on top, apple filling inside, cream on top.
  • Thoughts of a Colored Man is one of the best plays I’ve seen in awhile. Thought provoking, well acted, script just eloquent and beautiful and real. If in NYC try to see. Full Disclosure- I received tickets for this play for free via God’s Love We Deliver, a non profit I volunteer with. I was not given the tickets in exchange for a review either favorable or otherwise
  • Met exhibits- Permanent Collection Egypt. Emperors, Artists & Inventors: Transformative Gifts of Fine Arms and Armor (special exhibit closing 2/21/22)
  • Brooklyn Museum- Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: A Crack in the Hourglass, An Ongoing COVID-19 Memorial (closes 6/26/22) Baseera Khan: I Am an Archive (closes 7/10/22)

I know that I have showed you lots of wonderful images of things that I did this week, but I must add that my heart has been very heavy. Sometimes you can go through the motions, and you can actually laugh and enjoy, but it doesn’t mean that you feel good all the time. This is why I laugh at the whole “Be Positive” movement- I did all the be positive stuff I could muster and it still didn’t make me feel any better- it just distracted me for little chunks of time. While distraction can be good, it shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox. I know that I have been angry or sullen in my posts this week- that a byproduct of working through feelings and emotions- sometimes it can’t help but come out in writing. Also why I think journaling is an awesome idea… And here I go again writing a long drawn out thing when I only intended to write one line.

Be well.

60 thoughts on “What Inspired Me- November 7

  1. I can’t believe you felt the need to put in a disclaimer in regards to your opinion on seeing Thoughts of a Colored Man…as if a Middle-aged White Woman can’t enjoy a show about the varying experience of black men.

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    1. I put it in every time I get something for free. I don’t want to look.like I’m getting paid to day something positive or include something in my blog.


  2. Lovely museum art sharings again, especially the Seen and Must See in Times Square. 🙂 You’ve just inspired me to share my own museum visits, as well. I also hear you about the “Be Positive” movement…I agree journaling is brilliant, and so is expressing your thoughts on your blog. Enjoy your Sunday!

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    1. I am thrilled to see shows in Broadway again! I’m seeing Trouble in Mind this afternoon and I’m so excited!! And the museums have been just crushing it with great exhibits!! Looking forward to seeing your art adventures!!

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      1. I know! My husband and I split this burger and the tots because we had Korean fried chicken as app. If we didn’t split it all it would have been too much!

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  3. You said it perfectly. That you can laugh and enjoy things but still not feel good all the time. It’s my personal experience that I have lots of things in life I enjoy, but it doesn’t take away those moments I don’t feel good because I’m still grieving the end of my marriage. We have to sometimes give ourselves permission to be in that place. I hope that you allow yourself to experience the feelings and accept them. But I also hope that whatever is causing you to feel heavy hearted will work out in the end.

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  4. For someone who is working through heavy feelings, you certainly got out and did amazing things. I had to laugh about your “be positive” movement. That’s my blood type and my husband’s is O negative. It also describes our personalities.

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    1. It really fuels me! Though to be honest….I get most of my inspiration on mass transit going to and fro because I’m sort of just day dreaming then…it gives me the time and space to formulate thoughts

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      1. That would be nice! Of course my inspiration comes from trip!! Sometimes I wish I had more to inspire me to write! Part of the reason I enjoy your blog is because it inspires me to think and learn other perspectives!!

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  5. Hard to concentrate on the other pics, when you have food pics like that from the city. Seriously. That burger and those treats look wicked good. I’m sorry to read that you’ve had a tough week. I’m glad you are working through the emotions; and, your writing this week was as awesome as always. Really. Love and hugs to you. ❤️

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    1. Molly’s makes the best cupcakes in NYC…no fooling. Normally my go to is their peach cobbler donut, but the apple pie fall special was the perfect blend of ingredients

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  6. Sorry you had a rough week, but at least you recognized it for what it was and tried to make the best of it. On a positive note, you either have great restraint or you trained yourself well to have captured those exquisite food pictures before you took a bite.

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  7. I relate to your statement at the end.

    I, too, have been working through things and I just need to get out of my head to not worry about it or dwell on it.

    I recently read a book about journaling. I only journal to get the toxic thoughts out of my head. I’d never considered keeping a non-toxic thought journal. Then I thought, maybe my blog is my journal…

    Sending you a virtual hug.

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  8. The thing about tough weeks is they suck the joy out of life, even if the distractions look tasty and inspiring, difficulties have a way of dimming our light. I find it really hard to write when I’m upset or in the midst of a family crisis. I’m so sorry you are struggling, wrapping you in love and hugs my friend, C

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  9. When you are struggling as you have told us you are, it’s nice and inspiring to me personally that you still find the wherewithal and make the effort to continue what appears to be your regular routine or at least publishing schedule for the benefit of your followers. I hope and trust that the feedback you receive from us is helpful to you during this time.

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