• I saw two Hitchcock movies this week- Yet I can’t decide which Hitchcock is my favorite. I’ve seen Strangers on a Train more times, plus studied it in a film class, so I can’t help but look for certain motif’s when I watch it. Doesn’t matter. All good!!
  • If anyone wants to buy me the Jaguar that was at MOMA….it does bring up a now talked about point- should beautiful cars be considered art? I say a big resounding yes- for beauty and engineering- but some are against that. Can cars be considered art?
  • Kim- couldn’t help but throw in a little surrealism…
  • So I was at the Met- for my weekly gallery by gallery tour, and I was approached by people in the digital media department of the Met who asked if I wanted to share my opinion about the Met. Hmmm…do you think I want to share my opinion about the Met?
  • We did a tourist walk this week: Bowery, SOHO and Little Italy. Once again we went to neighborhoods that we frequent on the regular. However, I did see a statue outside the Basilica that I’d never noticed.
  • I am a huge fan of Schitt’s Creek. Had the opportunity to see Eugene and Dan Levy talk about their new book. They are as warm and charming and hilarious in person as they are on TV. Love them. And the pride and love that Eugene shows for both Dan and Sara is just heart warming. FYI- if you’re a fan of the show or know one- the book is a great holiday gift
  • 886 is a Taiwanese comfort food place in the East Village Manhattan. The chicken sandwich was about the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten! Two words- potato starch. I’ve never used it but they use it ibn the batter- crisp and not greasy chicken. It was soooo good. They dress it with pickled daikon…
  • Korean corn dogs are a thing in NYC right now. We tried Two Hands (SOHO) and the dogs were delicious- had spicy one and one coated in rice crispie treats. Yum…but needed more than two napkins
  • Szechuan Mountain house came recommended to us as authentic szechuan food. It was delicious. I didn’t mark down the dishes we ate, and when I tried to get them from website it wouldn’t let me open menu because they’re not open now. But – everything yummy. The thing with Szechuan food isn’t so much the spice as the tingle of the peppercorns. So good. They also serve delicious green tea, and the place is a little haven of tranquility.
  • I am trying to cut down my mindless TV viewing. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I am LOVING Ted Lasso (appletv) and Great British Baking Show (Netflix). Also- Dune (HBOMAX) is worth a watch- really well done!!!

Happy Halloween!

35 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: October 31

  1. Thanks for the surrealism! I checked it out on the Met’s website, and all they seemed to have was a video about the exhibition. Which is fine, but I’d rather be able to just see the art. It’s been a long time since I saw any Hitchcock. I should watch Rebecca again. I remember it being beautiful to look at and super suspenseful.

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  2. Yes and yes on the Schitts Creek….. that is so great to hear about those two and that they are super in person…. LOVE THAT SHOW…. And his adoration for his children show on that series! Yes on the cars. I find beautifully made cars a new thing for me. I’m talking about the mechanics, The look, the interior, paint, whether they are a classic or something new. I think it’s art.

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  3. I love Hitchcock. Also, I love your food! I can’t find anything like that in my area. I went with a friend to Mesa AZ for Korean food. She’s Korean and her parents don’t speak English. We went to a tofu house. I asked her if her parents liked the food. She asked them and they shook their heads no! I can find great food when I visit the kids in the Bay Area, though.

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  4. Lovely reflections, as always. Food always looks amazing, love the hockey stick bench, that’s awesome. You’re the first person to tell me that Dune is worthwhile. Good to know. Beautiful pics all around. Oh, and, yes, I do believe that cars can be seen as a form of art. Beautiful week, LA.

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    1. I don’t really like sci fi but I thought Dune was great (though my husband didn’t like as much as I did, and he’s way more into sci fi than I am) he thought the story line was a little confusing, as I did at points, but it really started to make sense towards the end


  5. That Jaguar is art. Many classic cars come under the art category. My “desert sky blue” Thunderbird is art; people stop me to tell me how much they love it. Very few of the typical cars on the road today are art; it seems like they just don’t try anymore. My other car is silver and I can’t even find it when I return to the parking lot. To me, it looks like all the other silver cars. I love vicariously sharing the foods of New York with you. A whole other kind of art!😉

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    1. British baking is soooo good this season, as always! There’s a few bakers that are just amazing! And the chicken sandwich was seriously about the best chicken sandwich ever…perfection


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