So I’ve been having some odd stomach cramping. It’s not continuous and nothing in particular triggers it and it’s annoying. I’ve have ultra sounds and ct scans and it’s all quite annoying and frustrating.

At my ct scan (with and without contrast if you are interested) they noticed a hernia and gallstones. I asked my gastro what the next step is- was referred to general surgeon.


Go to general surgeon who looked at my scans very closely (along with a very bright and ambitious resident). The surgeons remarks:

You have a pristine gall bladder. I see one gall stone. One. I will not operate on a perfectly fine bladder with one teeny tine stone. That is not causing cramping.


As you your bowels, frankly, from the scans they are beautiful.

Doesn’t every woman want to be told that they have beautiful bowels?

As to your hernia- while you do have one, it is minor, and frankly you could probably push it back in yourself if you need to. Your hernia is not causing your cramping.

So- what is causing my cramping?

Well, you still have your colonoscopy coming up, which will give us one more look to make sure we haven’t missed anything, but outside of that…my medical opinion as to what’s causing your cramping?

Some people are naturally gassy. You appear to be one of those people.

So there you have it. There is now medical proof that I am full of hot air.

I am grateful that my bowels are beautiful and my gall bladder is pristine.

I am grateful that as of now I do not need surgery.

I am grateful for a general surgeon with a pleasant personality.

I am grateful for all those who read this post about my gassy nature.

53 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. As all appears to be in tiptop shape, having a little extra gas these days may not be a bad thing considering the price at the pumps. (He says innocently)

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  2. Hummm… normal reaction from medical community. I have dealt with these sort of issues for years and years! I last year found a remedy in an old herbal book. One table spoon of apple vinegar in a warm cup of water once per day. It worked!!! Small gal stones are painful and this cleared it up like magic. Hope you are able to find a cause or a solution as no one should live in pain and be told how beautiful their insides are when they are actually hurting.🙄😬

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    1. Well, I’d rather he didn’t jump to surgery. And as a general surgeon he can’t really diagnose. Waiting on one more test, but I do eat a lot of fruits and veggies. It might just be a diet adjustment to do with aging.

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  3. Please warn me next time, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I had a look at my bladder last time they had a camera up there and am happy to report that it is bright pink and strangely attractive, though I wasn’t actually complimented by the surgeon.

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  4. OH gosh! “Pristine!” ” Beautiful”, thanks for the laughter! I am glad you don’t need surgery, but I do hope you can get the cramping under control. I have had several surgeries and I have never been complimented on what my insides look like! You should feel proud! 🙂

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  5. That is good news, even though I’m sorry you’re experiencing cramping. And as odd as it sounds to hear that your bowels are beautiful, it’s actually a good thing. My husband’s tumor was colon/rectal, and so believe me, you want your bowels to be pristine and beautiful!

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    1. Second. My last one was at 50 and doctor said everything so clean could wait ten year till next. However as I now have stomach cramping, I need one just to check everything out. December 15…woo hoo

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