This is how I know I’m returning to what used to be: Five books in a month. That’s 2019 numbers.

BookAuthorHow I Heard About ItRating
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird LaneLisa SeeTea Book Club1
Apples Never FallLiane MoriartyAuthor I’ve read before, 2
Out of LoveHazel HayesBarnes & Noble recommendation 3
The Last Painting of Sara de VosDominic SmithBuilding Book Club4
Salvage the BonesJesmyn WardCollege Book Club5
The listing is how well I liked a book personally, not a judge of how good a book is. The following one liners are numbered as the books appear above.
  1. Engaging look into a world I knew nothing about. Book has many facets and would be thought provoking book club choice.
  2. As you’re reading, you’re not quite sure about anything. If second guessing yourself is your game, then give this a try. I used to love Moriarty and then I thought her last three books were phoned in. This one makes it appear she’s getting back on her game, but not quite there yet.
  3. Unique way of looking at a love story- sort of backwards. Props to author for finding a different way to tell an old tale. Good if you want a realistic look at love.
  4. Told from a few different perspectives, some more intriguing than others. I found it hard to really get behind any of the characters. It’s historical fiction light. Good only if you have a real interest in art, yet don’t know much about art.
  5. I know that this won awards. I also know that I don’t care that it won awards. This is a book for someone who LOVES long, poetic descriptive passages that move the story along at a glacial pace. I felt its trying to compare itself to Greek tragedy to be tedious and not well placed. However, there were some in my book club that loved it. Not for readers who want a fast paced book.

31 thoughts on “My Month in Books: October

  1. I like this format – I haven’t read The Tea Girl – but I’ve read a couple other Lisa See books and liked them. Five books in a month is a good pace – I usually read between 4-5. Anything more and it becomes a blur to me!

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    1. Pandemic I was reading obscene numbers of books….my goal is going to be 7 a month…3 for book clubs, and four that I really want to read. We’ll see how that goes

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  2. Thanks for these reviews, it’s awesome that you’re reading so much. I think as I grow older I have more of an appreciation for realistic approach to romance. Also as much as I love prose and flowery descriptions, please get to the damn point. There’s only so much a person can take before I wonder where the plot went. I hope the next batch of books are easier reads.

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  3. I’m reading Lisa See “On Gold Mountain” right now. Have you read it? It a nonfiction account of her family in China migrating to CA. My only problem is the tiny print. It’s 400 pages and in a normal size type I think it would be 800! I like Moriarty too.

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  4. As with your number 5, I gave up not quite halfway through Hamnet. What a drag that book was, and apparently depressing. That was a book club selection and I don’t regret not finishing it! I’m struggling now to finish an interminable Pulitzer Prize winner. Ugh.

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  5. While there is nothing wrong with reading an incredible number of books in a month, it is a wonderful sign of hope that things are opening up again in your area–for those that pass the medical discrimination test anyway. I am happy for you!

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    1. Perfect strangers was awful!! I can’t see why that got made, unless she had a deal from the onset before anyone read the book. Apples muddled a bit in the beginning, but I thought the last third was excellent

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      1. I just took 150 books off my TBR. I realistically had to think about how much time I spend reading and the long list was depressing me. I still have 200 books on it and my goal is to get to 100, then fifty.

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      2. Right? I looked at my list, as I was adding books to it and I got sad. I started with the books that have been on there the longest. I figured if I haven’t read them by now, it’s just not going to happen.

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