My daughter was, once again, an orientation counselor at her college. As an orientation counselor, she needs to go through training on a variety of things, one of which is ice breakers.

I kind of love these ice breakers. As someone who has trouble interacting with people I don’t know, I think they are invaluable. As someone who often struggles with small talk even amongst family, I think they are cute. At our dinner table each night I used to make all of us say our high and low point of the day. It was a reminder that we all have good and bad moments, but we can choose how we get over them.

This years ice breaker:

Chow Wow Meow

Chow- Something good you ate

Wow- Something that amazed you

Meow- Something cute

For me, if I were to think back to yesterday, mine would be as follows:

Chow: I met up with friends at a diner. My club sandwich came with perfectly cooked fries (for me perfectly cooked means steak fries that are just slightly overfried)

Wow: I saw Eugene and Dan Levy talk about their new book last night. Amazed at how the audience knew more about Schitt’s Creek than they did. And I sat next to a superfan. When I get the hearing back in my left ear there will be a blog about that.

Meow: My daughter’s sorority did the “Big” reveal over the weekend. They “wrapped” the bigs under sheets and had the littles unwrap them. I know it sounds odd but it was really cute in the pictures.






59 thoughts on “Chow Wow Meow

  1. Not all happened yesterday, but this week:
    Sunday I went out to lunch with a friend. We went to a local burger place that has an ever-changing menu. My burger was amazing.
    Tuesday I went to see Dune. Easily one of the best science fiction films I’ve ever seen. I’m going to see it again in the theater.
    Yesterday I took Mina to the vet, and so I put her collar on before we left, and she gets so wide-eyed for a few minutes. That was super cute (and she was fine, just just went in for her yearly check-up).

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  2. Chow: ratatouille-homemade and turned out darn good. Wow: The “amazing” stupidity of the company I work for once again… Meow: One of my babies at work who had a perpetual frown/scowl on his face the entire time I was with him. Truly a “grumpy old man” face.

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  3. Chow = chicken lo mein we made last night
    Wow = recently discovered Murdoch Mysteries and love them, amazed by how many there are
    Meow = cutest thing around here are the teenage deer who frolic and nosh like it’s their life’s work, which it is

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  4. Fun idea for an icebreaker!
    Chow — a honeycrisp apple
    Wow — I’m reading “Pursuit” by Joyce Carol Oates and her writing is amazing
    Meow — this feels like a cheap answer, but my sleeping cat (named Marmalade by the rest of the family, but I call her Squeaky)

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  5. Chow. The tacos I bought at work where better than I thought and I would buy them again. Wow. The third party fix it guy from best buy actually came the day of the appointment. The last two times they call no show. Meow. Can’t think of anything. Fun post!

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  6. I love this icebreaker!
    Chow: I made some delicious Italian red sauce with pork ricotta meatballs. Yum!!
    Wow: my LASIK surgery – having 20/20 vision 24/7 is a miracle
    Meow: daily photos of my adorable grandson. Too cute!!

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  7. LA, I’m having difficulty imagining you as someone with trouble interacting with anyone! It’s a cute idea. Chow – my brother made us a big pot of chili using my mom’s old recipe. I hadn’t had chili in ages, so it really hit the spot, especially with this colder weather. Plus it was a meal I didn’t have to make, and there were enough leftovers for two days. Wow – I’m amazed that my diplidenia plants are still thriving the end of October – we must be living in the tropics now. Meow – um…..I ordered a “cute” plaid scarf from Avon yesterday, as I passed it up yesterday and now have officially started my Christmas shopping.

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  8. Chow: my WaWa shortie after I got home from work Tuesday night. The roll was perfect!
    Wow: a nature video on Instagram of a ship approaching Antarctica
    Meow: a gnome craft my library co-worker is doing as a take and make activity

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  9. I don’t know if this surprises you or not, but I hate ice breakers. I’ll play along, though.

    CHOW: almond crusted flounder (I’m on an elimination diet, so this was a really good meal).
    WOW: My mentee invited me to see an author talk of a book I just finished.
    MEOW: I got nothing.

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  10. Chow: bruschetta using home grown tomatoes washed down with sav blanc
    Wow: the beauty and wildness of rough seas after a storm
    Meow: baby magpies out of the nest and learning to catch grubs from the lawn
    Growl: my library telling me that the book pack I ordered for November book club has not been returned and because they work on an honour system will not be chased up. Grrrrr

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  11. Chow: We had dinner with two other couples last night and one brought a bottle of Silver Oak cab they received from a neighbor – super tasty!
    Wow: Our host showed off her sculptures and other art in her newly built studio addition (yeah, I’m a little jealous!)
    Meow: Turkeys raiding the cotoneaster shrubs.
    Growl: Sterling treed a neighbor’s cat this morning – bad boy!!

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  12. I’ve not seen this icebreaker before. It is cute. Alright here we go:
    Chow: I ate the last one of the lemon cookies I baked recently. Delicious.
    Wow: I’ve been listening to a new to me musical artist – Nessi Gomes – a serious wow.
    Meow – 12 hour work day yesterday, so no meow here. Haha

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  13. Love this idea! Can I use it Friday for my post? 🙂
    Chow – Pad Thai
    Wow – Zoom meeting with my writing group tonight, that I had met at the Writer’s conference I went to this summer. We have been keep in touch by email, but this was the first that we did a group Zoom call, was great seeing everyone.
    Meow – the way my Yorkie looks when she is curled up in a ball and opens one eye to look at me.

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  14. That’s how I like my steak fries, too. 🙂

    Chow – My husband’s homemade chocolate chip cookies
    Wow – Learning about bioluminescence for the first time in my life after seeing it in a TikTok video last night.
    Meow – Watching my dogs spoon in a sunspot.

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  15. Chow-homemade stuffed Greek Eggplant
    Wow-It finally stopped raining and I got a walk in.
    Meow-My grandbaby in her Scooby Doo
    Halloween Costume! She’s 14 month and walks around saying “woof woof”
    Instead of “trick or treat”
    Fun icebreaker!

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  16. Having attended a lot of professional conferences, I think most people’s first reaction to an icebreaker is “Ewww.” If a presenter comes up with a fun one, it can be a helpful tool, but sometimes they are a waste of time. Your daughter’s icebreaker sounds like a lot of fun. One of the lame ones I remember was, “Tell the people around you what kind of car you are and why?” Everyone looked at each other with rolling eyes. “What???”🤣

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  17. Chow- Edward’s Key Lime Pie (I could eat a piece every single day, so instead I’ve been eating a slice monthly)

    Wow- Living in Wisconsin and on 10/30, being able to have a window open. October’s temps have been wonderful!

    Meow- My grandson learning to crawl this weekend

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