• So- I was in DC visiting my daughter!! We had a wonderful time! Lots of great food. Great museums! Theater!! Hadestown is touring right now- if it comes to a theater near you, go see it!! It was very kitschy to see a play at Ford’s Theater. Of course, we did not see “Our American Cousin”… DC is awesome for trying different cuisines. We decided Jaleo was our best mean, though Das made an incredible cinnamon tea. We were getting back to the hotel from sightseeing and it started to rain, so we needed to make a pit stop at a doughnut place…I mean…it was raining…Loved all the art and such that we saw- oddly on my train down to DC I was reading a book that talked about Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, so that was a cool coincidence. Of course, I think the Hope Diamond was my favorite…
  • There is a Kusama exhibit at the New York Botanic Garden- work was very fun to look at, especially as they had it intermingled with flowers and such. One of the pieces allowed us to add a flower to the work- I’m not quite sure how I feel about interactive art. Expect a post about it.
  • Rick Bayliss finally opened a restaurant in NYC- yay…
  • Bond- James Bond
  • Saw Vertigo on the Big Screen- Hitchcoctober baby…Such a good film…

39 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: October 24

    1. The play was average, but sitting in the theater and seeing the presidents box was really cool. They open the museum an hour before the show, so we wandered around their first. It was a nice experience

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    1. It’s all over nyc Indian restaurants, and my favorite thing to order. My only problem with the Bindass is that I felt it was Americanized Indian, if that makes sense. But honestly I don’t know what traditional Indian really is…just what I assume it is


  1. Glad you had fun on your trip! I wish I could have seen the Duchamp. I don’t care for Dadaism, personally, but Nude Descending a Staircase is a bit of a landmark piece of modernism. It’d be cool to see it just for that reason. Someday! How was the Bond film? I’ve heard mixed things about it.

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    1. Bond was lackluster. There’s very little dry humor in the script, and few places where Bond can be charming. The story is odd…continuity off. I’m not a huge fan of Duchamp, but as stated…nude descending is just monumental


  2. Beautiful pictures! I finally made it to a museum–first one since COVID. We were in La Conner, WA, and we stopped by the art museum in town there–so much fun. There’s also a brewery next door with fantastic beer and food. They specialize in pizza.

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    1. Funny story. We ate breakfast very close to the White House. This little boy comes to the restaurant with his family….incensed that they couldn’t go ring the doorbell at the White House and see joe

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