Fun Fact: I do the New York Times crossword puzzle every day. I have a subscription and either at 10pm or 6pm, depending on the day, I receive a notification about the puzzle for the next day.

Monday and Tuesday puzzles are very easy- I finish them rather quickly. But the rest of the week can be any degree of challenging. Suffice to say, I tend to start the puzzles in the evening but finish sometime the next day.

This past week I was working on Sunday’s puzzle. For those of you who are not puzzle fans, in a weekly newspaper, Sunday is the biggest puzzle. So I had 3/4 of the puzzle completed, but I was struggling with the lower right corner. The central clue that I was struggling with was:

76 (across) Posted One’s Thoughts

I finally got 76 (down) Abacus Piece- BEAD

So I knew my word at 76 Across started with a B…

hmmmmmmmm- I thought…What is “posted one’s thoughts” that begins with a B????


And then I was able to compete the puzzle…

48 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Crosswords

      1. Good? No. Tenacious…yes…and I admit, I will Google to double check spelling because we know I’m an awful speller. I checked Addis Ababa before I put it down even though I knew it was the capital of Ethiopia. I also check definitions of words I don’t know. I don’t call it cheating…I call it learning


  1. My husband and I used to do crossword puzzles together when we were first married. I don’t do them now because I’d rather spend the time reading. But you make me want to give crosswords another try. I loved “blogged!”

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    1. I just love words and clues and such. To be fair, they really don’t take very long. I think it took me 25 minutes to finish today’s…which is slightly faster than normal, but not to bad

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  2. I am majorly into something I guess I would liken to an “electronic crossword”. It’s a free little “game app” on my phone called “Wordscapes”. Some are pretty easy and you can finish them quickly while waiting in the doctor’s office or something similar. Others can be real boogers to figure out and might take a day or two. I love word games.

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      1. My mind will see them but, oddly, more so if they are arranged horizontally. I seem to have more trouble figuring them out if they are arranged vertically…lol….seems like a crazy little idiosyncrasy 🙂

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  3. Hi–new here. Found you through Kari’s blog and just had to comment on this post because I think I’m addicted to the crossword and Spelling Bee. This clue also took me a bit, and like you, it wasn’t until I got “bead” that it clicked. I’ll also weigh in on the tuna question: It’s tuna salad. 🙂

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