Egypt- Permanent Collection- Met

  • Back to Broadway- Caroline or Change is a wonderful, thought provoking musical. Being in a Broadway theater again. Priceless.
  • Can you say Carnegie Hall!!! Yes- also returned to live music!! Lang Lang doing the Goldberg Variations. Brilliant- both the pianist and the work- Plus- I really did get inspired with an idea for a fiction work that I’m already 1000 words in on
  • Remember I said that Oktoberfest is the least objectionable holiday? So we celebrated at a Pop Up behind the Schaller and Weber German Grocery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We had some Wiener Schnitzel and a Sausage Platter, plus a side of potato pancakes. Of course I had a stein of Weizenbier. Now, I’m not a big fan of beer- however- this was delicious!! Food, drink and little patio garden were all awesome!!

Housekeeping Note: I’m changing the days that are included in my Sunday wrap up. I used to do Sunday to Saturday, but now I’m doing Friday to Thursday. This really means nothing except less pictures today, and way too many next week.

15 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: October 17

  1. Going through pictures is sometimes a chore, I love all my photos and deleting some is heartbreaking except for the obvious ones that are blurred not centered or just not as good as others I have taken of the same topic. I will see what inspires you next week

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  2. You just reminded me to look up the Met’s surrealism exhibit! It wasn’t available when I checked on Monday. It’s up now, though.

    Also jealous that you got to see Lang Lang in concert. Though Yuja Wang is going to be back here soon. I need to see about tickets for that.

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    1. Lang Lang was amazing. He’s just effortless I guess…he breathes such life into each note. Plus Goldberg Variations is just brill ant. I’m seeing Wang next year at Carnegie. Can’t wait!!


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