I was at the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, looking at the produce and trying to keep Betty from eating things fallen to the ground. I watched a man pay for his produce and then the seller try to give the man back his 3$ in change- the man waved it off and pointed the the produce another customer had left on the scale.

One customer wanted to pay for the food of another.

When the cashier told the young woman, she smiled and laughed. The cashier smiled and said that the benefactor didn’t even wait for a thank you.

Everyone at the stand just smiled and laughed a bit. The cashier said to his coworker- “That’s America for you. You just never know.”

While I was neither giver or receiver in this little drama, I was grateful to witness it. I am grateful for small, random acts of kindness. I am grateful that I shared this moment in time with people whom I do not know, yet I feel that we will all sort of remember one another.

48 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: October 9

  1. I love random acts of kindness…..they really boost my hope to see the goodness that still remains in mankind. I have personally been the recipient of people ahead of me in a drive-thru line paying for my food at least 4 times now and each time it really brings me to tears of joy……the kindness is so touching.

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  2. I have a friend who does this at Starbuck’s, pays for the person behind them. I TRIED to do this a few days ago. There was a postal worker in front of me. She looked like she might be in her 60s, it was 6 AM. I wanted to by her coffee, but I was behind her. After she made her purchase, I RUSHED to buy a gift card and ran out to give it to her… but she was TOO FAST and was gone. I didn’t want to offer to pay from behind her, because a person could be offended by this. ANYHOW, I now have the gift card for the next person that I see who I feel needs some cheering up, a small miracle to change their day!


  3. In 2010 we traveled by rail to Seattle, to stay with a fellow blogger…she took us downtown to Pike’s Market. As I was strolling through the vendors, I saw the largest garlic I’d ever seen in my life. Guess they’re called Elephant garlics..long story short. it was only like a $1.50, so I told the guy who was hawking it, he could keep the change ($.50) You would have thought I’d given him a $20 bill. He turned around to the owner of the produce stand and said…”He said I can keep the change!” the smile and excitement of that young man still lives on, in the memory track of my mind.

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  4. I walked out of a pub today with leftover wings & sweet potato fries thinking it would be tomorrow’s lunch. Then I saw an older homeless guy in a wheelchair. He was thankful and I felt fortunate to be able to give without hesitation. πŸ₯°

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  5. Random acts of kindness are…God, here I go again…AMAZING. They are just such a good feel. Being vicarious of a random act is almost just as good as giving or receiving one, I think.

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  6. Thank you for sharing this little story, it is heart warming. I love witnessing these kinds of things. It really feels good to witness kindnesses. This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada. There is always something to be thankful for.

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