My Mom called me up the other day told me she didn’t remember her social security number and then cursed for five minutes about computers and technology.

I am grateful that, considering all the emotions I could have experienced, I chose laughter.

I am also grateful that the ticket collector at the Metropolitan Museum of Art chose laughter when I tried to enter the museum using my Metrocard instead of my membership card…

37 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: October 2

  1. It happens! Just glad I’m not the only one! I once tried to clock in at work with my debit card. That didn’t work either. The sad part is I did it twice before I figured out what was wrong!

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    1. Trust me…new born babies are better at computers than my mother is…and my Met museum card is one of my fav things…and it’s right next to my metro card in the wallet

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  2. I won’t even start with what I went through a few weeks ago after forgetting the new password for my work computers. I changed it just before a 5 day break, didn’t write it down. Three hours later, after zero IT help my former boss had me fixed in 5 minutes. I wasn’t laughing… but I am glad people can still find humor out there.

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  3. Reminds me of a bus commute home one evening, I stepped up to the driver and ‘flashed’ my university card instead of the bus pass! Her reply of “and you are usually so organised!” took me aback, hilarious she thought me so organised? 😀And amusing this driver notices my daily routine!!! Still made us both laugh.


  4. It’s so good to know there are others with wandering or stressed out minds, like myself at times, who do funny things. I believe being able to laugh at yourself and even share your mistakes with others is a very healthy, helpful behavior. Keep up the good work!!

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