TitleAuthorWhere I Heard About itRating
The Night She DisappearedLisa JewellGoodreads List/Read Author Before1
The Night HawksElly GriffithsAuthor I’ve read before2
The People we KeepAllison LarkinGoodreads List3
Golden GirlElin HilderbrandReal Simple/Read Author Before4
The Very Nice BoxLaura Blackett, Eve GleichmanBarnes & Noble Recommendation5
Tea Time for the Traditionally BuiltAlexander McCall SmithTea Book Club6
The Bookshop of Second ChanceJackie FraserSimply Luxurious Life7
The Forest of Vanishing StarsKristin HarmelReal Simple8
The Lying Life of AdultsElena Ferrante, Ann Goldstein (translator)Building Book Club9
The Confessions of Frannie LangtonSara CollinsBarnes & Noble Recommendation10
The Books are listed as 1 being my favorite, and 10 being least favorite. Personal choice only- not a show of how good or bad a book is. Commentary below corresponds numerically
  1. Psychological thriller that is not too psychological and not too thrillery. Good if you just want to get involved in a story and turn pages. I enjoy the way Jewell writes.
  2. Big fan of the Ruth Galloway series. Not so cozy mystery about a woman who does not insinuate herself into a crime, nor happens upon dead bodies. This is 13 in a series- if you are going to read, start at the beginning
  3. If you need a lightish book about resilience- this is it. Probably OK for book clubs
  4. Beach read with a little more soul than usual. Not too heavy, but somewhat thought provoking
  5. Light read yet made me think. Good for fans of The Rosie Project
  6. I had never read any of the books in the series, so it took me a bit to understand the main character and what she does. Once I got the gist the book was enjoyable, but I think you need to read in order
  7. My main issue with this book was that the main character was sort of all over the place. While I get that people are multi faceted, none of the character’s actions make sense when you look at them from a distance. Couldn’t decide if I liked the main characters even though I think the intent was for the reader to root for them.
  8. Yet another book about WWII. True, the story is slightly different, but not so much that I would tell you that you need to read this book
  9. The language is beautiful, but not so beautiful to make up for lackluster story and unlikeable characters. The book is sort of like junk food- it feels pretty good when you are reading it, but then you realize that you got nothing out of it and it’s not satisfying
  10. Too wordy. Too much description. Took what could have been an interesting story and muddled it up.

15 thoughts on “My Month in Books: September

  1. Thanks for the list and the brief reviews. The only one I read on your list recently was Golden Girl, which I agree had a bit more depth than usual Elin books. I think this is one of my favorite one of her Nantucket reads. Since I loved The Rosie Project, I think I’ll try The Very Nice Box. ❤

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      1. I hated the characters. I mean hated. And I’m not a person who needs to like a protagonist, but I find her characters so not my cup of tea I can’t get through the books.

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  2. Thanks for the selections, LA. I enjoyed Golden Girl, the usual EH fare, but had already forgotten the plot so had to google it. I started the Bookshop of Second Chances book, but couldn’t get past the first chapter, it seemed too much like other bookshop books . I have the Lisa Jewell book to read next, (always a favorite) after I’m done with the new Paul Hawkins book, A Slow Fire Burning. She wrote The Girl on the Train. It’s quite different, character-wise, not sure what I think yet, and I’m half through.

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    1. Bookshop was another bookshop book. But, as trite as it was, I think I have three future posts inspired from quotes within the book. That’s a really high inspiration rate for me. That was what was so tricky with the book…I thought her characters were unevenly written leading to a lackluster storyline. Yet…three really keen observations on life/people that are worth discussing

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