Pat Lee is the CEO of Widgets Inc. Widgets Inc. is a multi million dollar conglomerate that is a public company.

Pat Lee is the top of the food chain at Widgets- sort of…

Who does Pat Lee really work for? When Pat Lee does their job, who are they reporting to:

Board of Directors?



General Public?

Special Interest Groups?

When Pat Lee makes a decision who are they primarily thinking about?


How important is it if a company makes money? If a CEO doesn’t make money, is the Board correct in replacing them?

If you were CEO of a major corporation who would you report to?

25 thoughts on “Who do you report to?

  1. Wow, this is so funny; this post showed up in my reader two days ago, and I was unable to comment. Hmmm. Wierd.

    CEO’s should be thinking about their customers and staff first. This, of course, assumes that the CEO is in touch and knows themselves; awareness is key. If not, they will fail.

    Important to make money if you are responsible to do so. There should be a clearly articulated vision, with goals that are well articulated, and achievable.

    In my esitmation, CEO’s are responsible and accountable to a board, sure, yet more importantly they are accountable to their employees and their customers. That’s what I got…😉

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    1. On a different note…I’ve been writing posts two days in advance just because of the way my mornings are working out and other writing. At least two if my posts published prematurely because there was some glitch where i didn’t get the schedule option. I found a work around for scheduling


  2. Ideally, all of those. I was in property management once and I had to answer to my employer, the HOA, the nightly and long-term guests, and individual property owners. As you might guess, there are conflicting interests in some of these groups. Which explains why I would never want a job like that again. But CEOs get paid big bucks to take that sort of heat and balance all the competing interests.

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      1. I was inspired to write this post based on a blog I wrote about whether insurance companies should cover COVID patients if the person didn’t get vaccinated but was eligible

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