I really try to avoid discussing politics, religion and money.

I may poke the bear a little bit, take shots at both sides of an argument when I am able to, because sometimes the hypocrisy is just too obvious. Sometimes I like to push people to think about the other side of the coin…It’s what some people love about me- it’s what others hate about me…

But anyway…

I try to avoid the obvious taking sides, or thinking that one way is superior to another…especially in politics, religion and money. I understand that people have firm thoughts on these things, and I think everyone can own their own thoughts.

I think there is a difference between an opinion and a belief.

I think opinion and belief are two separate things.

Say what you say…

I define OPINION as something that someone takes a stand on, but knows that it is entirely personal preference.

My opinion is that Zazzy’s pizza is better than Joe and Pat’s.

My opinion is that the Dior exhibit was better than the Fashion Exhibit at the Met.

My opinion is that loose leaf tea makes a better cup than a teabag.

The above are my opinions. It is what I think about a particular topic. I would gladly have a discussion with anyone about these things, and I can do so in a calm and kindly matter. I will not think someone is stupid because they think the opposite- I will gladly debate points about my opinion and counter their opinion. However- none of these is the cause I defend to my dying day. I am never going to get really mad if someone disagrees with me on one of these things. If you think Joe & Pat’s rules- well fine by me. I am not going to think the other person is stupid or ill informed or ignorant if they don’t share my opinion.

Beliefs. Beliefs are core values. Beliefs are the things that people will defend to the end. Politics, religion, money: these are some things that people take a side on and do not budge. Beliefs are not points that can be argued or debated or discussed politely.

I believe that censorship is bad and we should avoid it at every level.

You are never going to be able to argue this with me politely. If you don’t agree with me I will think you are stupid, ignorant and ill informed. It’s that simple. I may think that some things should not be shown where children are, perhaps age restrictions, maybe warnings…but I will defend the right for an artist to create something. Period. Even if I don’t like it. Remember my diatribe on WAP? HATE HATE HATE the song. I will defend it being played.

What are things that you have opinions on?

What are things you believe in?

52 thoughts on “Opinion vs Belief

  1. In my opinion, it is very hard to get objective national news these days. Both Fox and CNN are biased either left or right. If I have to choose, I much prefer CNN. I do not think Fox has the right to call itself a news organization. I believe we are here to be happy. I do not believe the universe sends obstacles to make us “grow”. If you want obstacles, then you will get them. I believe shit happens sometimes, and then you have to deal with it. I believe in setting my own goals and accomplishing them. The obstacles, actually challenges, in realizing creative goals are they only ones I need.

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  2. I have different definitions for opinion and belief than you. I consider opinions to be based on empirical evidence and well-reasoned. Beliefs are ideas accepted on faith, without scrutiny. I strive for the former and try to avoid the latter (not easy, really).

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    1. Hmmmm….would I ever trick readers? Nah…i think that’s why we can’t actually discuss anything. Some people will not listen to something they just don’t believe in. But, respect your thoughts on this because technically this is my opinion not my belief. FYI…my husband says the same thing you do…that they’re the same…I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing

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  3. I am full of opinions and comments on just about everything. However, I too am less forthcoming with my beliefs. I believe that everyone deserves a good education, food in their belly and a roof over their head. I believe in a woman’s right to choose when it comes to abortion. I believe that it is our duty as citizens to be an informed voter and vote. In my opinion though, I think a car lease is a waste of money. 😁

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  4. Making one’s opinion is fine when appropriate, such as WP………but I stay clear of religion and politics although a little comment is ok because it’s central to the way we live………..😠and I’m currently seated on a train and the guy opposite is watching YouTube videos VERY loudly……….why are people so inconsiderate?

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  5. I agree with you. Opinions are something that can be changed, they may not, but they aren’t written in stone either. Though I don’t believe I will ever change my opinion in disliking black coffee! It gags me. LOL!

    My beliefs have been more deeply rooted and at times they may get shaken. Shaken to the core, but thats what proves how strong a belief is, when it comes through a storm and you still have it.

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  6. I have strong opinions but steer clear of expressing them except to close friends. Also, I read a book years ago (it was published in 1989) that described the merging of news reporting with entertainment. It was called “Who Killed CBS: The Undoing of America’s Number One News Network.” It was an intentional push to get emotions and feelings into the news, rather than straight reporting. It’s only gotten worse since then.

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  7. In my opinion, loose leaf tea makes a better tasting beverage. However, pre-bagged tea is so much more convenient!
    I agree with your belief on censureship 100%!

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  8. When I was younger I thought it was the height of coolness to share my political opinions. Social media encourages us to jump right into the scuffle with a hastily worded comment, no need to think through all the angles, as long as it’s pithy and sassy. The more polarizing the better. Now I’m a little older and I know better than to make knee-jerk reactionary comments. Not because I don’t care about politics anymore, but because I learned that yelling during a screaming match doesn’t do anything. It just make me hoarse and red in the face!

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  9. Opinions and beliefs…. Hmmm. In many cases they are the same. I have opinions on just about everything. I can form an opinion, listen to a debate or do research, collect data, use logic, facts and then change my opinion depending on the data I’ve uncovered.
    So opinions can change given good enough facts.

    Beliefs? My belief system is one based on doing what is right, or righteous. I try to do what’s good for human kind, nature, the environment etc. i believe in kindness and caring. But, I still think a belief system that doesn’t allow people to listen to reason, isolates people from the truth, or separates them from logic is brainwashing not a real belief system. They can cross over…. Blend…

    Everything can be changed. So beliefs can change if need be. I wouldn’t harm a fly. But, even though I am not violent, my beliefs could be shifted if it meant saving lives. If my loved ones were threatened and I had to shift gears to save their lives I would probably do all I could to make that happen.

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  10. I don’t know . I’m actually more flexible than people might think. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, who atones for sin and will return to judge those who reject him. I have opinions about music and food and hairstyles and movies . But , hey , I’ve got a topic for you to ask your readers. Considering the $many trillion budget reconciliation bill , which Biden says is “free”, because it will be supposedly financed by taxing the rich , my question is : is it morally right to impose trillions of dollars in taxes on the rich simply because they’re richer than us? Is it right to decide that because some women can’t find good child care that the government should decide to take money via taxes from the rich and give it to child care centers ? Should the government force the rich to pay for the electric vehicles and green energy that the left wants ? Is this sound policy for a so-called democracy ? I’m not asking about politics. I’m asking if this is right . We aren’t talking about food stamps or medical care. These programs go way beyond a basic safety net .

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    1. Hmm…as to me this is both money and politics I’ll evade the question with a question that I’m going to blog about in the coming months. Presently some non profits are getting heat because they accept money from people/groups that are morally questionable but rich. So does that mean we just take money from places where everyone is rich and totally moral?

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      1. The communists always demonize the rich. And the non-profits won’t escape either . Academics and elites are in the same class. Only “workers” are considered moral. Why do I mention communists ? Because that’s the ultimate goal of the radical left . Defeat the rich and elevate the workers. Of course the whole idea is illogical .

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    2. Though I will say….if you have a policy of taxing the rich, and allowing for more imports, than you run the risk of companies becoming foreign corporations…and if you start switching tax laws that are meant to help out middle class or those on fixed incomes, you are screening the wrong people. Someone recently asked why we don’t push here for free mass transit. I suggested that the nyc mass transit system is huge, and if perhaps the rest of the country would be willing to subsidize us completely, maybe we can talk. And I did mention that free transit opens up a whole host of other issues…

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  11. Beliefs are almost sacred to the individual, while opinions can be fickle. For instance, I have strong beliefs about my faith. My feelings don’t influence that. But even my strongest opinions could change. I may think one restaurant has the best cheeseburger, until I try a different place and then say they have the best burger.

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  12. Opinion: John’s of Times Square is good pizza. Matthews on Eastern Ave (Baltimore) has great pizza. I got the best and worst pizza ever in Italy. Most pizzerias that say NYC style pizza have no clue. But enough said on pizza.
    Belief: everyone has a right to an opinion and beliefs and values. I have a right to my opinions, beliefs, values and I have the right to ignore your opinion or belief – as long as it is not detrimental to you. This also goes the other way, I should not be subjugated to the beliefs and opinions of others.

    I used to car pool when I worked in DC, the guy I carpooled with was “interesting.” He considered himself super progressive and liberal. One day we were passed by a truck covered with religious and political opinions and beliefs. My carpool buddy was highly offended & wanted to stop this truck and beat the crap out of the driver. I didn’t agree with nearly everything on the truck but I had to defend his right to an opposing opinion and for his beliefs. I informed my buddy that I was opposed to the verbiage on the truck but he had a right and that my carpool buddy wanted to violate the other guy’s rights and that I was offended by his actions. I was mad that I had to stand up for the crap on the truck but having differing opinions or values did not give my carpool buddy the right to force his opinions, & beliefs on another. I also offered to pull over and let him walk the 22 miles home so he would have time to think about this.

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  13. I’m not sure I can distinguish as much between belief and opinion, but I sure can between fact and opinion. The problem is, most people now consider their opinions to be facts, and are willing to fight others who disagree. Which is why our country, and our world, are in the mess they’re in!

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  14. An interesting and deep-thought question. On some topics, my beliefs drive my opinions. Neither beliefs or opinion can be proven through empirical evidence or facts. When someone’s “truth” doesn’t square with verifiable facts, that’s where things can get dicey. Everyone has the right to express their opinion…something our country is quickly forgetting. As for the news outlets, I don’t believe there are any fact-based, objective outlets anymore (my opinion). They all push a political narrative.

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    1. I like the way you expressed this. And you’re right…it’s what we perceive as facts that often drives us astray….and “news”….bleh…


  15. I share the opinion as you do about tea bags. And you belief is also another “opinion” that I hold true. But my “belief” is that while faith is ok, religion is just an institution predatorily capitalising on faith.

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