• Banksy exhibit was quite interesting. It’s unauthorized, so I didn’t expect anything to disappear before my eyes, yet I was still sort of hoping… Banksy was the author of the quote in Friday’s blog. It’s not his art per se that is important- it’s his reasoning behind what he chooses to do…
  • Flip Sigi is Philippino fast food- and it’s delicious. The burger has a Longanisa sausage patty on it. Don’t know what it is, but it’s delicious…two words: banana ketchup
  • It was fun to go back to San Gennaro. Our goal is always to find something new at one of the stands- this year a huge, meat filled rice ball. We were not there for the parade or cannoli eating contest.
  • The Relative Value: The Cost of Art in the Northern Renaissance exhibit at the Met is interesting because they explain how things were valued- namely by how many cows it would take to purchase something.
  • I’d never seen Breathless before. Should see for anyone who is interested in film…however….if this was an American classic we would be condemning it as opposed to genuflecting before it. If you are easily offended by sexist behavior, probably not for you to watch…
  • We have completed the Thrillist List of best Pizza- My clear winner is Zazzy’s Pizza. Clearly one of best slices of pizza in NYC- if you ever visit and want a traditional NYC slice- this place should be on your list
  • Dior exhibit amazing!!

20 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: September 26

  1. Pizza — I’m on the hunt for good slice of pizza in the Chicago area. Glad you found yours! Good for you, you’ve been out and about, doing interesting things! Our weather is cooling off, it’s so dark in the AM, we need to enjoy Fall, because winter will be here soon.

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  2. Cool phots from the Banksy show. I like that his work can provoke thought — as well as those with political power. And his work can be humorous. I thought similarly at a Marcel Duchamp exhibit that I went to recently. I’m going to post about it in a few days 🌞

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  3. Renaissance art…. Seeing Renaissance exhibits always reminds me that I’ve been to the National Gallery in London twice, and both times the Renaissance wing– the one I’d gone to see– was closed. The first time for renovations, and the second time to spite me. So disappointing.

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      1. I know! At least the first time they had da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks on display. It’s my favorite da Vinci. The second time they had a few later Renaissance pieces on display, but it was mostly Crivelli. Who goes to the National Gallery to see Crivelli?

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