On Tuesday my Husband worked in the office and then had a business dinner.

Do I need to tell you how grateful I am for these two things?

That evening I binge watched some show called “On the Verge” on Netflix.

It was very mediocre.

I am grateful for very mediocre TV because sometimes you just need to get lost in something that you don’t really care about. Sometimes you just need to veg in front of a screen…

35 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- September 25

  1. I hear you! Couple of times a year, my beloved heads off to spend a few days hanging out with the grand babies and I have the whole place to myself. Feels just like the little boy in Home Alone over Christmas break….

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      1. I think it had some good sarcasm and irony…however…too heavy handed in most spots. I didn’t like any of the characters, and I honestly don’t know if the aim was likable, but I would not want any of them as my friend or my support system

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  2. I once read on ‘Cosmo’s’ website, ladies of an evening and feelin in the mood will select certain Netflix episodes as err company (winks), perhaps a soaking wet Mr. Darcy scene from Pride and Prejudice………..hmm idle thoughts but glad you enjoyed yourself anyway!

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  3. This is so funny and true. I do a lot during the day, so it’s nice to veg at night, except I do it with shows I like. I watch an episode of a show my wife likes, currently Blue Bloods, and then I can watch my own stuff. I’m watching Bull and Strike Back. The latter is awesome.

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  4. Well, you know how I feel about alone time. LOL Cheryl “It’s as rare as rain in California” brilliant! I have three people that need to have something to do all on the same night for me to have that experience, although truthfully the kids stay in their rooms much of the time so it’s almost like being alone. Hubby and I are binging on the Sopranos (we never watched it before) and daughter and I just started watching Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. It’s pretty funny.

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    1. Right? It’s like it was on the verge of being a satire, on the verge of being ironic, on the verge of being about female friendship, on the verge about being around spoiled women…


  5. I’m jealous. My husband doesn’t EVER have to go in the office again. In fact, his office is in California and is still closed. I do however isolate myself into our casita to breathe, write and watch TV. I watched a Netflix documentary on Lynyrd Skynyrd last night. I like their song Sweet Home Alabama and the Reese Witherspoon movie with that title. So I gave the band a try.

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