My Mom does not believe in smart phones. Add to that, her present flip phone is probably ten years old…

There’s about to be an upgrade to the system that cell phones run on, making my Mom’s cell phone obsolete…

As my Mother is not good at tech, and in her mind, this is tech, I had to call her phone provider so they could explain to me what is about to happen, and what she needs to do.

I am grateful to Jan at Consumer Cellular who was exactly what a frustrated daughter needed when asking questions for a parent.

Jan was awesome!

Cheers to the customer service reps who really know how to help you out and figure out the next steps!!

40 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 18

  1. Does your mom get to keep her flip phone? My dad has bought every single iPhone that has come out. He has to have the latest. Yet with each one I get more and more butt dials and hang ups in the middle of conversations. He should get a flip phone!

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  2. I’ve had the pleasure of being served by many excellent CSRs. I don’t know how they do it. I certainly couldn’t. As to your Mom, it’s a big step for an older person to switch from flip to smart. I was like, “I have a desktop and a laptop. Why do I need a smart phone?” It just takes a little getting used to. Heck, once your Mom gets over the hill of switching, she might even like it. I can see her now, Googling away.

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    1. Nope. 100% no way is she getting a smart phone. My dad has all the bills electronically and she wants to have them switched back to paper and write checks. She doesn’t like tech and is stubborn and will not do it

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      1. It really is. My FIL has a cell phone, but NEVER turns it on. Even when he is out. The whole purpose of having one is defeated by that, but we cannot convince him to keep it on. Even after he fell and broke his hip and had to drag himself from his garage to his house to get his landline to call for help, he won’t keep his phone on or on him.

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      2. My FIL too!! I don’t understand not turning it on! On that note…I got my parents an Alexa type device and set my, my husband, and my daughter cell numbers so if my parents call they can scream call ——- and we can ascertain the situation and help.also they can scream call 911…

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  3. That must be so frustrating for you. Some people just don’t like change. Living in an over 55 community, I get annoyed sometimes at old school tactics and people who are afraid of change. Our new board of directors took over last year and they are not tech savvy. It makes things ridiculously difficult for the entire community. Especially when most people in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are up to date on technology.. Apparently not.
    I recall trying to get my late father to use a cell phone. It just didn’t make sense to him. We’d force him to bring it with him in the car or to the doctors and he’d forget to charge it. He loved his computer and emailed his grandchildren around the country. But he was old school with bills. I guess you just have to respect people’s comfort level. She won’t do what she won’t do.. I’m glad you found help.

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    1. I have explained the pros of smart phones, but in her mind they’re difficult to learn, cost more, and giver her a bunch of things she doesn’t want or need. But this conversation did give me idea for future post so it’s a win for me

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  4. I just learned recently about this change that will be imposed soon (and has been in the works for a while). I have a flip phone that I guard with my life because it is the only cellular phone we have ever had that works at our cabin in northern NM. It isn’t the service (which everyone there knows is bad to nonexistent); it is the phone itself. I dread the change because it could mean we will no longer have any cell phone service.

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    1. For her it comes down to her not wanting to learn how to use it, the additional cost, and the fact that she’s never had a need to use any of the tools. My mom is just never going to sit their and scroll through a phone

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  5. Not sure what a smart phone is, or why people need them. Are they those things that people look at when they should be looking out for passing traffic? I want a phone for making phone calls. I don’t want it to run my life or be smarter than I am – I have a wife for that. I will have a smart phone when there is no alternative or when someone pushes one into my cold, dead hands. This might make me a dinosaur, but consider this – in a thousand years will people look in awe at the skeleton of the T-Rex when they visit a museum, or will they save their gasps of admiration for the pieces of highly priced plastic that people used for Candy Crush and Tik Tok?

    I rest my case . . .

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