1. I have never been to the African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan. I recommend it to anyone visiting New York. Very moving.
  2. Seeing all the cars on the side of the road in Queens was sort of surreal- never saw that before
  3. Ten Rings and Language Lessons were both really good films- very different but each good for their genre. Kim- see this one at the theater!!
  4. 9/11 was a day of mixed emotions for me. I tried to keep busy, but it was impossible to miss the feel of the day. It was a gorgeous day in NYC- clear skies and perfect temperatures, just like that Tuesday 20 years before. At my tea society meeting it was impossible not to talk about it, and the MC at the club we went to said a prayer before the show started. I didn’t even look downtown though, because even though I revel in the rebuilding of One World Trade, I just didn’t want to think about the Towers that stood there before.

26 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: September 12

      1. I’ll try, but I’m not great at this. Basically…two characters who meet via zoom regarding language lessons. You see their relationship develop, and it has ups and downs, and you wonder about motivation and unreliable narrators etc. what we see vs what’s real. Great example of dialogue telling a story. Limited settings. Understated and real. Morales and Duplass produced, wrote, directed, acted…just well done

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      2. It’s one of the best marvels I’ve seen. Very clean storyline. Graphics don’t take over. Clever moments. Interested in how you feel about the second post credit scene. My daughter saw the movie Friday and we disagreed on it’s meaning


      3. These individual superheroes should all randomly show up at the same bar, and over tequila shots be like, “I’m just so tired of saving the world”, and the others are all, “wait, we keep having to save the world, too! Maybe we should team up so we can take turns taking the day off”.

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  1. Yesterday was a tough day, wherever you may have been when our lives were literally shattered is seared on our collective memory. There were so many selfless hero’s trying to help each other and that is “how we roll.” 💕C

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