I am grateful to all those who selflessly serve my city, my state and my country.

I dedicate my post to the following:

My Uncle, a firefighter, who lost his life in the line of duty.

My friends who have served in the US Armed Forces.

My friends who are law enforcement and first responders.

Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- 9/11/21

  1. Thinking of family who were in the City working at New York Hospital. They retired a couple of years ago to Virginia. So many things changed. Wishing the city and everyone a long memory to hold true to what is valued and not let petty differences divide us.

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  2. To my fav New Yorker Blogger: I know you ‘remember’ in a much more direct way than I ever could…so sorry for your personal losses.
    You might like to see how an extraordinary school teacher keeps this recent slice of our history alive for her young students, instilling practical applications of bravery, heroism and sacrifice for them to follow.
    I also like how she calls the day (in addition to the official “Patriot Day” moniker) “Kindness, peace and love day.”


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