1. The cows are back! This year the cows will be auctioned off with the money going to God’s Love we Deliver- a meal service for those who are homebound. I volunteer for this organization, so hoping they raise lots of funds
  2. Reminder to be kind…what is kindness to you?
  3. What do I love about French film? Everything…but really it’s the understatement…the only issue is I went to see them by myself, and really wanted to discuss the nuances with someone- especially Who You Think I Am- which I have a lot of thoughts and questions
  4. Pre-Covid I had a list of restaurants/food that I wanted to try. Needless to say I threw out that list last year. However, I recently started a new list. The first thing I am tackling is a best pizza article- FYI- the slice at Zazzy’s (village location) was outstanding- at the top of my best pizza in NYC list for a NY slice

39 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: September 5

      1. I have been attacked by cats as I slept several times. The memories stay with me. One was the suffocating sensation as our old cat sat on my slumbering chest and dribbled on my face. The other bad one was the needle sharp claws and teeth of a kitten latching on to my foot as it stuck out below the bedding.

        Ah, great days . . .

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  1. My wife and I used to seek out Pizza/ BBQ/Soul Food in different states we travel to…but we have decided going forward to discover the best ice cream. As a foodie, I am always a fan of your Sunday food posts. A few years back we did the Brooklyn pizza tour, but if you do a pizza post…I look forward to reading that.

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