I received the following texts from my Husband this week…

I am grateful that the cell service is working so well in Siberia

I am grateful that he is handling his exile to the back of the apartment with grace and good cheer

On a more serious note-

Thank you to all those who reached out to me this week regarding the horrible storms faced by NYC. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and concern. Much love to you all.

44 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 4

    1. My neighborhood fared well, but like a ten minute walk from my hose the subways were scary…our laundry room had some damage…water coming up through drain. The worst for us was the toilet water spinning and the sink gurgling

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  1. You should get him a hat and some mittens so he can stay comfortable. Maybe a scarf, too. Then again, if it is punishment as he seems to imply, go ahead and put a lock on that door. One on the outside. Tell him that parole only comes with a cheery attitude. 😉

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      1. Now, that doesn’t seem as bad as my first trip to NYC where I was shocked to see burned out cars along the roadway. I thought “who would live here?” Funny we all have a different way at looking at things.

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