• Went to New York Historical Society- I love history so this is a place I try to get to a few times a year. Saw interesting exhibit on Katharine Graham- Publisher of the Washington Post. Much of the exhibit focused on how difficult it was for her to be a female publisher in the 60’s/70’s and about the early days of the Women’s Movement. Contrast this with an exhibit of some of the dresses worn at Truman Capote’s Black and White ball in honor of Graham. I can’t help but wonder if the clothes will always be what is talked about when talking about women
  • I continue through Egypt at the Met- always very interesting to see
  • Took my niece to see Free Guy- didn’t expect to like it as much as I did- quite a charming movie
  • Of course- took my niece to Max Brenner- which has the most ridiculous desserts- the fondue plate was quite tasty. And large…
  • Riverside Park brings goats in to clean up some of the foliage- part of the park is quite hilly. I just think the goats are adorable!
  • While at Riverside Park, took the time to walk aside the Hudson and check out some art installations. It was about a million degrees out when we went, but hey- that’s NYC in the summer
  • I decided to take a pic of sun setting at Citi Field- much better than what was going on on the field…

35 thoughts on “What Inspired Me August 29

  1. The goats definitely stand out after seeing the museum photos. I wonder if you are cloned or don’t sleep? You read, you blog, you tour museums and even go the movies?
    Thanks for the array of photos – I am sure you had inspiration for a half dozen blogs in there. โ™ฅ

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