Let’s See:

  1. I am grateful that my daughter is settling into college nicely and so far likes her classes and her internship
  2. I am grateful that I didn’t receive an OMG text from my sister till 5:22 PM on Saturday which is an entire day and a half from her arrival in the NY metro area
  3. I am grateful that I got to spend some time with my sister and my niece
  4. I am grateful that my Husband can now work out of my daughter’s bedroom, even though he calls it Siberia
  5. I am grateful that I haven’t slapped my Husband for saying that him working two days a week out of my daughter’s bedroom is Siberia…

24 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: August 28

    1. I know! He’s being such an idiot about it! I was going to use a word other than idiot, but I’m trying to be PG13….it’s so frustrating to me, and I already have so much running through my head it’s the last thing I need. It’s the best place in the house to work. Best desk, best chair, best lighting. It’s the back of the apartment so it’s quietest….😆


    1. As of right now, she’s doubling American studies and history with a minor in education and social justice or something like that. However, they make it hard to double with AS and host, because even though she’s taking history classes, they’re a pain about overlapping credits. She may end up just a history minor

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  1. My Hubby feels kind of the same about his office, but only in the winter because it is that freaking cold in there! Summer is more like death valley. Glad your daughter is settling in!

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