1. Let me start with this- my daughter went back to college….
  2. Secondly- the best thing about driving home from DC is stopping in Baltimore for Chaps Pit beef. I have no idea what pit beef is, but I know it’s delicious
  3. I love fried green tomatoes (whistlestop optional) – these were pretty good
  4. We did a brief sightseeing jaunt in DC before we headed home-
  5. Had a wonderful in person book club- helped that we all liked the book
  6. Bryant Park has a wonderful “reading room”- outdoor tables and books and magazines. They also sponsor reading/writing events for free. I attended a memoir writing workshop given by Cullen Thomas. He is a wonderful speaker and hope to eventually take a class with him. He also is a cross between James Marsden and Rob Lowe, which in LA speak means he’s quite attractive.
  7. My Tea Society celebrated Coco Chanel’s birthday at Bergdorf Goodman. We had a lovely tea followed by a little quality time at the Chanel counter. There just may be a new lipstick in my collection…every black dress needs a red lipstick every now and then
  8. I saw Aretha. Jennifer Hudson is quite good- however the movie is quite average overall
  9. On my way to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden I experienced subway delays/issues….It was only a track fire and not someone letting their girlfriend drive the train though (true story). As I stood trying to figure out how to get to the garden, all I could think was first subway issue in 18 months- we’re back baby…
  10. Lost Leonardo very interesting if you are an art geek
  11. Obviously- I took time to get in as much self care as possible!!!

25 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: August 22

    1. My husband heard about this place I think on Diners and Dives. As it’s right off 95 we stopped there a few years back…it’s so good….almost worth taking a trip to Baltimore

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  1. Now I would like to visit the Vietnam war memorial, there’s something deeply moving gazing at a wall bearing fallen names, you’ll see a simple stone Cross in every town and village actoss the UK, all bearing the names of local men killed in action and often with flowers people have just left there.

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  2. Everything you did sounds wonderful…even the average movie. BBQ beef sounds delicious right now. Though David’s bringing back crawfish ettouffe (he’s running errands), which sounds also really good right now. Sorry, I must be hungry. Glad to hear you are taking good care of yourself! Have a great upcoming week! Mona

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  3. Ahhhh, I was waiting and waiting, and then there it was, listed at number 11. Nice work, LA. Of course, all the pics are lovely. Reminds me of the last time I was in DC. Fun. Hmmmm. Somewhat disappointed about Aretha. I love Jennifer Hudson.

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