I am grateful for all the thoughts and prayers for my Dad!! Thank you!

I am grateful and thrilled to report that he is home from the hospital!

Of course- there’s a story. My sister was due to arrive late Thursday evening. My Dad was actually released from the hospital in Tuesday, but she wanted to “surprise” my sister and me- so they didn’t tell us he was home…

Grateful that my Mom is such a trickster, as my daughter says…(this was sarcasm in case my intonation doesn’t come through…)

We took my daughter back to college last weekend.

I am grateful that all the things she needed from the start were able to fit in the car

I am grateful that she likes her dorm

I am grateful that she might actually get the chance to experience the college life that she spent years preparing for and dreaming about

Thanks again for all the support and love!!!!


As to the Starbucks debate of Thursday- my opinion was that you just order whatever drink you want. My daughter thought you should adapt your order according to size of crowd…

41 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- August 21

  1. Is your sister @ your place? I haven’t kept up on every post this week in case you mentioned that detail (sorry). I remember in the past, you mentioned she stayed w/ you due to financial considerations. Love your “what I’m thankful for” posts. Good reminder. So much of how we think, what we feel, comes down to perspective.

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  2. Tales of your mother’s ‘shenanigans’ always make me smile, well for some reason Oscar Wilde’s quotation โ€œAll women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy………” crossed my imagination………beg’s the questions LA, have you already? Or are you worried?

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      1. I often start messages to my kids with sorry to sound like grandma but…
        Unfortunately I have also had to tell them that if I become as useless and helpless as my mother has recently become to please kill me. She didn’t want to live like she is now. Nobody does but by then it’s often out of our hands. Of course they wouldn’t do this anyway, though I might if I could!
        Re the Starbucks question, your daughter’s response is similar to what I would expect from my eldest who, just coincidentally, also happened to attend college in DC. I hope her experience there is as enlightening as my daughter’s was for her. Of course, I was jealous of the time my kid got to live there because it would be my choice as a place to live, all other things being equal.

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      2. My daughter loves DC, however, where she goes to school is not really convenient if you need something, like an external hard driveโ€ฆ


  3. I’m glad your Dad is home! I’m also glad your daughter is at the college and has begun college life. Saying ALL of the chants for a good year. This is my daughter’s senior year of college, so we are also saying ALL of the chants that she makes it to graduation unscathed. Whatever variation “unscathed” may be.

    I’m with you on the Starbucks debate. ๐Ÿ™‚


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