I’m going to tell you a story about something that happened in May. To be clear, I have not been stewing about this since then. I write post ideas in my planner, and I am months ahead. This post has been scheduled since May but I’ve pretty much forgotten about it. Until today, where I relive it for your benefit.

So we were going on vacation. Turks and Caicos. Which in this instance meant we were flying there.

Airports have security.

I do not mind doing security because, even though it’s a pain, I’m doing it for the safety of everyone else.


It is a travail…

We get to the security portion of our trip through JFK. I read the sign that says laptops must be in their own bin. Ipads must be in their own bin. Shoes must be off (this is where safety and safety collides a bit…)

As I have a carry on containing ipad and laptop and I am wearing shoes, I am slow and methodical to get this all right…

Which I do…

And as I am going through the body scanner I hear security yelling “Who has the ipad? Who has the ipad?”

I try to raise my hand as I’m getting scanned…

Security guard is yelling at me now…

Why am I being yelled at?

Because my Husband in his infinite wisdom put things ON TOP of my ipad, like I was trying to hide the ipad.

The anger I had at that moment…

In normal times it’s hard to navigate security at an airport. In COVID times it’s ten times harder…

And as the Mom and the Wife- you know my journey to the trip was vastly different than that of my daughter and husband…

So all I could think was there was my Husband…not reading signs…not listening to me when I’m talking about reading signs…trying to rush through things…

And I’m getting reprimanded…

Side note: I am a good girl. I don’t break rules. I don’t like getting yelled at. I proceed with caution with just about everything…

This is not the best way to start a vacation…

I was mad at security, mad at the procedures we now have to go through…MAD AT MY HUSBAND…

It’s like seven in the morning at this point which means I’ve been up since 5ish…

When we got inside security I had to sit at a separate table from my Husband because I was SO ANNOYED….and we had the next five days to spend together…

Deep breaths, calming tea…bleh to all that. Sometimes you just have to be angry. And then let it go.

My the time we boarded I was fine…

What’s the moral of this story?

Read the signs. Listen to them. Don’t try to take a shortcut. Don’t rush.

That’s all I got…

66 thoughts on “Anger Issues

  1. It’s very annoying when you not only get yelled at something you didn’t do, but when you’re not even given a chance to explain.
    I had an incident once in Miami International Airport. I was just sending off my luggage when the guy behind the counter approached, and announced – in a loud voice so everyone around me heard – “Ma’am, there’s something vibrating in your bag!”
    For a few seconds, I had absolutely no idea he was talking to me, but hey, he was looking at me, clearly agitated, and I had no idea what would vibrate inside my bag. And then my friend (who helped me prepare the luggage) said, “It’s a massage toy.” which I’d forgotten I had.
    Naturally, I was put in this glass room while the bomb squad went over my luggage, item by item. They even took my son to the side (then a newborn) and checked his diaper.

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    1. Omg I can’t imagine how frustrating that was!! I can’t believe they checked the diaper!! And you’re right…it’s not even being allowed to explain, when it’s already such a tense situation…

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  2. High on my list of pet peeves:
    1. People don’t read.
    2. Hubby’s don’t listen.

    Not necessarily in that order.

    I remember one time when we had a guest over – the three of us were chatting – I said something to my hubby. No response. Our friend said, “He’s got you on mute.” Which was an infuriating revelation.”

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    1. Oh that’s a great way to describe the significant other that turns you off. A few weeks ago I told my husband something in the morning. When I brought it up that evening he didn’t remember it at all…

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  3. I get it. This morning walking up from the beach and ready to cross the railroad tracks next to the ocean, the railroad red lights turned on, the guard rails came down — and the bells started ringing. My husband immediately ran across the tracks while I stood and waited like a good girl for five minutes. No train came. The guard rails went up, the noise stopped and the lights stopped flashing.

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  4. It’s definitely important to feel your emotions- anger is a powerful force which runs through our bodies- it takes about 20-30 mins physiologically to calm down after being triggered or stimulated (men take a bit longer), so yes: deep breaths & a separate table are a great idea LA ✔️❤️

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  5. When my husband went in for a painful tumor removal operation at the VA, he screamed in pain and waved me forward. I began to scream with him and the security guard/policeman told me he would remove me if I was not quiet. I was mad at my husband for getting me in trouble but the operation was a success and I still eye the police warily at the VA.

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  6. This is me..I do what I am told..my husband always thinks there is a better way which usually ends up taking twice as long and with me biting my tongue so that I don’t say ‘I told you so!’.

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  7. Airports – don’t get me started! When returning home from Hawaii several years back Larry and I decided to walk along a golf course early our last morning. When security rubbed our shoes it can up with a chemical warning (fertilizer on the grass), they slammed our suitcases down on a table in the middle of the airport, security all around us, people pointing and staring as the went through every item including lingerie, mortifying by the way! Finally during separate interviews we both mentioned walking the golf course, mystery solved, and they sent us on our way! Can I just add it was Larry’s idea to walk on the golf course! 💕C

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  8. Indeed. I often write to the team, and reflect and practice myself daily – pause, breathe, reflect, then choose. I’m this situation, we can add listen too. Important. And, yep, we all get angry, and we can all process it and let it go, in time. Might take longer, might take shorter periods of time. Depends. Acknowledging we get angry at times, is empowering. That’s all I got…😉

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  9. I can relate to this!!! I hate the security process and my husband allows has gets singled out because our last name is a little different. My anxiety is through thee roof and I’m yipping at everyone. LOL
    OH what good times.

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