1. I took a drawing class at Brooklyn Botanic Garden this week- while enjoyable, I’m going to stick with writing…
  2. We tried a creamsicle kruller from Daily Provisions- while that was fine, the maple krullers are still ridiculously good
  3. There’s a Disney themed mini golf course- the holes were all themed and it was sooo fun even though my daugher crushed me
  4. We went to Mister Dip at the Seaport- I know the seaport is a tourist trap. However, lovely views and this burger/shake place was great. Also, for a tourist trap i NYC- prices were reasonable- for NYC…
  5. Did you notice the revolving book case? Dream item…
  6. We did not do a tourist walk, yet came across these two very inpressive looking memorials- the Merchant Marine one in the water was incredible
  7. Saw the Kaws exhibit at Brooklyn Musum- you can only access the gift shop if you’ve seen the exhibit (which is odd for museum shops) and they limit how much stuff you can buy

32 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: August 15

  1. Thanks for sharing these various photos… neat to see exhibits from museums in other cities. The revolving book case looks like an antique predecessor of spinner racks in bookstores. Looks like it would be cool to have 🙂

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      1. Yes! You putted the ball into the house…then they cranked the house up. It was sort of perfect…it was the 18th hole, and it was Up which was my and my daughters favorite Pixar

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