As I live in a city, I often use mass transit.

The other day I was taking the subway- 4 train to Wall Street stop.

When you exit and enter the subway system, you must pass thru a turnstyle. Traditionally, the turnstyles are waist high. These are convenient and easy to get through, yet they are just as easy to climb over or under, making it very easy to not pay to enter.

To bypass this and make people pay, as they have refurbished some stations, they have put up high turnstyles that can’t be hopped over or ducked under. Alas, scofflaws have still found a way to manipulate these turnstyles and back into the station.

So when I got off at Wall Street I needed to exit via on of these eight foot high turnstyles. To try to thwart people coming in through these, they have made the tension very tight…

So I was trying to push my way to exit and it was REALLY REALLY difficult.

There was a point where I was pretty much stuck in the middle of this turnstyle…(FYI- those who write horror- this is a great way to trap victims)

I am grateful for my Herculean strength, because without it I would never have been able to get through this %^$&* turnstyle…

23 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: August 14

  1. I hate Turnstiles. You know they are there- but they have a way of spoiling every journey.
    Before I lost some weight- I was always concerned I wouldn’t get through. Now it’s my bags that defeat me. If I don’t have a rucksack- I have to hold them above my waist. Then at the end of a busy days shopping – I don’t stand much chance.
    Now I have to contend with steamed up glasses and a mask. Getting my ticket out. Standing behind someone who struggles with some/all of the above.
    Train journeys are fraught with problems arnt they?

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  2. Haven’t ridden mass transit in a while except for the train which has no turnstyle. My problem used to be that I was heavier and had to turn sideways to get through them. That would not have been fun if it was hard to push!

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  3. Turnstiles – bane of existence! I am so glad I have seldom had to go through one. Ugh! And really, if people are hell bent on beating the system they’ll find a way to do it. It’s only honest people who bear the “cost” of using them and by that I mean costs other than monetary. Ugh!

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  4. I’ll just toss out here that this is a great reason to advocate for free public transit. Can you imagine the money the city would save on trying to find a safe, yet unsneakable entry? Or having any kind of actual checkpoint thing at all? As with most things, though, government would still find a way to make it suck in a completely ridiculous and convoluted way.

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    1. The MTA (metropolitan transit authority) is the most sued entity in the state of New York. Plus, I don’t know if people outside of nyc understand the scope and breadth of the transit system. Unless every single person in America was willing to pony up for it. In fron of my house are 3 different bus lines…that goes north and south. With a fifteen minute walk there are 7 different subway systems. That’s a square mile of Manhattan. Add to that cleaning the system. And paying for the employees. Unless everyone in America is willing to subsidize our transit system.

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  5. That visual of you being trapped in the ‘middle of a giant turnstile’ is (no offense) a bit funny. However, given my own claustro-feelings in general, I would have gotten a bit frantic and thought it not at all funny…

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