Though I have a contact page with my very long email address attached, I rarely get emails concerning WUOTWSO50. Perhaps it’s because my email address takes about an hour to type. Maybe it’s because no one needs to speak to me offline. However, someone looks at my contact page almost every day, yet I rarely recieve anything exciting.

It hurts that no one emails me…

Ok- not really.

But one day I did actually get an email from a real person.

This person said she loved how people got so involved with my posts- how people commented and there was a back and forth and everything was so lively.

As they were a newbie blogger, they asked if I had any tips for creating a compelling blog with lots of idea exchange and conversation.

(before I go any further I want you all to give yourselves a round of applause because it is because of all of you that my blog has this great spirit and energy. If you don’t take part in the discussion, nothing happens- take a well deserved bow)

Where was I? Oh yeah- I promptly wrote the blogger back. I gave them a tip or two that I have learned in the past few years.

Well, when the blogger wrote back to me, they said that they were surprised that I answered them, much less quickly. They were very appreciative of my taking the time out to converse with them.

So first off….


I get that I don’t normally have time for the HOI POLLOI, but I guess every now and then I need to throw them a crumb…

But seriously-

Do I come across as an ogre?

Do I appear to be the type of person who wouldn’t resond to someone asking a question?


Do people just not respond to inquiries or questions?

Is my down home folksiness an anomoly is the rough and tumble world of competetive blogging?

So I must ask the questions:

  1. Why do people look at my contact info and then not email me?
  2. If someone emailed your blog contact something generic or innocent, would you respond in a timely manner?

84 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hummmm… I get the viewed contract page all the time without people actually contacting me. I just think it is one of several “ex’s” that are checking in on me are cowards to continue to contact. I have a mean digital virus I would zap them with.😂😏 I do answer most all my contacts personally and quickly. Although some… the really far out there kind I just delete. I get more “hits” about my Devils hike than any other and wonder if I should start all my titles with Devil to drive up my readership. Then I review my contacts and rethink.😂🤣 I just think people don’t like doing the real work of writing to someone anymore. Like with words that make actual sentences.

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    1. That’s a good point…a little bit of apathy in there…enough gumption to look at the contact but not enough to act. I do wonder if people want to see what my personal email looks like and don’t like it when they see it’s just my blog title…but on another note…yes start every title with devil….😉

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  2. I have received a few similar mails and responded to them but with no real pearls of wisdom to offer. I mean, what kind of advice can I really offer to someone whose been blogging longer than I or whose blog has, what I would have thought, a broader appeal than my own? I think it is all very hit and miss and am still unable to discern any meaningful relationship between topics, blog hits, reads, likes or comments etc. I do enjoy looking at the weird things people have searched for to eventually land on my page though 😉

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    1. First I asked what their expectations/goals were. Then I told them to build a community of like minded bloggers. I told them to occasionally ask questions because people are often shy to comment, but if you give them an opening they might, and I told them to always write from the heart, because authenticity matters. It’s the things I have done/try to do and it worked because my blog is pretty much what I want it to be. But yeah…I know what you mean

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      1. All excellent points! I particularly like the first one as managing expectations is really important – both for yourself and eventually your readers. I recognise the importance of asking questions to encourage engagement and I think that is where authenticity some in too. You have to get that bit right or else it can appear forced or read like an afterthought.

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  3. I have the same thing happen. Contact views and no emails. The only three I can remember receiving were
    An email from a former coworker who used the contact form because they didn’t know my personal email address
    An email from a guy from CW asking for details about technical issues I had with the network
    An email years ago from someone with the show Skins asking me to watch and review it.
    I did answer all three and would answer any others if anyone ever contacted me.

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  4. Bots And Who-Nots trying to scope your e-mail to personally sell you anti-ogre meds. …about two, three, or so years ago I used your contact page to e-mail you about some prolonged posting absence on your site and you did not respond. Turns out you were vacationing in some exotic setting. So much for my worry. And my answer to question 2….NO!

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    1. Omg I can’t believe I didn’t respond to you! True, I don’t get my waking email on my phone, so I’m more likely to miss something if I’m away. Also, a few years ago I used to get all sorts of emails about people posting, people liking, responding etc…I had thousands of emails in that box at one point cause I was too lazy to delete things ….but I did shut off email notifications so I’m now much better at responding

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    1. Presently I’m accounted for, but I could add you to the waitlist….😉 nah…I don’t understand people actively searching my contact page and not contacting me…it’s odd

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  5. Funny, I got a spammy contact email this morning. That rarely happens. Most people who follow through contacting me through the blog do so because they are related to someone I wrote about. I frequently end up exchanging emails for some time with them, because we are distant cousins in many cases. I even met one of them. I would always promptly respond to any serious contact. I do the same when people contact me through Ancestry. Some people seem surprised at that and at my willingness to help them with a research question. I get frustrated with the people who don’t respond to me (happens more often than not), so I don’t want to be that person.

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  6. I get a fair amount of genuine emails through my blog. I always respond in a timely manner. I appreciate someone taking the time, so I should do the same. There have been a couple that have gotten a little weird, though. But the majority are nice people.

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  7. I count myself genuinely pleased LA and myself have corresponded via email!…………..Ok it was only a couple of occasions, and it was years ago so the content alludes me, but still 😀 yay we’ve emailed!

    (LA the saying ‘be careful what you wish’ comes to mind, they might be asking for baby doll wearing selfies!)

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  8. I get spam emails from my contact info. Only a few times has someone emailed me and I wrote them back happily. I am not sure why you have so many hits on contact info. I never even check that part of my blog. But I can see you being so kind and writing back! Good for you!

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  9. I have been getting several emails a week lately from marketing people from various companies asking me to read a story and asking if I could post it on my blog. Once in a while I’ll find something interesting. Most of the time not. One was a link to an article about anxiety and I clicked on it and it was a totally unrelated topic. For SwimSwam I used to get several emails a week for “Ask Swim Mom” asking for my advice. I’d always answer those right away — and get material for a column. I was so flattered they’d email me.

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  10. I would definitely answer if I was pretty sure it wasn’t some kind of bot or scammer. I’d be thrilled to get some response from someone. However, I just looked on my page and I have an “about” section but no “”contact me” section so that’s probably why I never get emails – LOL

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  11. I had to check my blog to see if there was a contact button. HA. I don’t have one but I do have an email address posted on my About Me page.

    When I first started blogging, I emailed a well-known blogger for advice, but she never responded. If someone who’s starting received the same reaction I got, they may hesitate the next time they see a contact button. To be honest, I haven’t contacted another blogger (other than leaving a comment) since, and that was in 2010.

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      1. I agree. I just wonder if some readers might feel intimidated, especially if they aren’t writers. I’m a writer and I’m sometimes intimidated to contact a blogger. But that’s because of my experience, so I’m projecting. 🙂

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  12. 1. No idea. I probably get those lookers/lurkers too, but I don’t check stats enough to notice who’s clicking what.
    2. I’d totally take the time to help a blogger out. Maybe this person had inquired with several people and you were the only one who would deign to respond. ??

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    1. I’m not really a stats reader on my blog, but I have a naturally analytic stats mind, so I look for patterns. I also love to see what older posts people are reading, which is when I notice the contact number

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  13. You’d be amazed at the number of people that have a contact page but don’t ever even bother to respond. What is the point of having one in the first place? I get not responding to obvious spam, but a legitimate question or contact? That’s just rude. And frustrating. I unfortunately got WAY too much spam and phishing emails, so I had to take mine down for a while.

    As for no contacts through your page? That’s most likely because you are so active in your blog and comments that if someone has something to say, they most likely will via comments, so the contact page isn’t as useful for most people on your blog. I had a lot when I was taking review requests, but rarely ever got contacted outside of that.

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      1. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of those page hits are search engine bots. I always see a huge uptick in those after I’ve made any kind of changes to some of my more static pages.

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  14. First of all, you are not an ogre; yet, I do appreciate that you worked that sentence into this post. hahahah. People visit my contact page too, and I rarely get emails; however, when I do, I always email back. As a matter of fact, I am now in the middle of an interaction with someone asking me a question. I think people are curious about who you are, we are, etc….that’s all. And, for the record, I did look at your contact page once, and I did email you, and, yep, you did email me back! 😁

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  15. I sometimes get people looking at my contact info, but assume they are sometimes scammers, because I get the odd generic email saying “I noticed in your blog you use the words fill-in-the-blank incorrectly, perhaps you would like some help…..etc etc. So they are targeting me personally trying to sell stuff. The last one said the words I used incorrectly are words I never use, so it’s just a form letter.

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  16. I have two blogs. I get some email on this one which is my main one and most are legit.

    The other blog has way less followers and yet I get way more email. That could be because of the nature of the content. I write some erotica on that one which seems to alert sex toy manufacturers… They’re all looking for collaboration via affiliate links. 😳😇

    Having said that many of those emails are very odd. Only a very select few are legit looking for someone to collaborate with, the others imply clearly that they haven’t read a single word on any of my posts. If your blog name has a female name as it’s name and they address you as dear Sir or madam… I just ignore those.

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      1. Well that content is fiction with cliffhangers to tune in for the next chapter later. I get remarks about both the style of writing (I’m hooked, give me more) and effect is has on them (arousing, well-chosen words, praise in general). I appreciate that so much even if it’s not public (in comment) but private (in email to me).

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  17. 99% of the people who contact me through my contact page want things from me. Not like information and moral support, which I’m good at, but they want me to promote them or become a brand affiliate or write about a specific topic for them… for free. It’s always about how I can make them more successful. There’s rarely any interest in how I’m doing.

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  18. 🤣 You didn’t scare me . Do you know if they’re from America? Maybe someone from another country might be surprised to get a reply . I sent a message through the anchor podcast app to a guy in Africa . He replied that he couldn’t believe he heard from someone in Texas . 😊

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  19. I read a post once that talked about the bloggers home state. I clicked on their contact info to see if it mentioned which state they lived in………because I was nosey. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      1. Wasn’t trying to hide that lol. And why wouldn’t I? You are quite popular and for good reason. Truth be told I am not the type to suck up but I like your confidence, it’s an attractive quality especially when there’s not a trace of arrogance.

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