• I saw “Green Night” in theaters- I didn’t love it…so much so that I forgot to take a picture of the movie poster
  • I went to the Met with my daughter- it’s fun seeing exhibits with her because she makes me think about things in a different way. She doesn’t like staged photos- she prefers when they just happen. Made for an interesting discussion
  • Costume exhibit was awesome-What was interesting was that they focused a lot on the actual making of costumes. We had a 10am ticket, but if you are at the exhibit later, they have artisans working on things that will be used on Broadway when it reopens.I love looking at clothes. Wearing them is optional…
  • My daughter and I went to Angelina when we were in Paris- it was fun to experience it in NYC
  • Saw two oldie movies at Film Forum- I am trying to support Film Forum because they show old movies and do festivals, like the Bogart and Women Behind Hitchcock that I saw this past week.

27 thoughts on “What Inspired Me

  1. Was there a black Spencer jacket from Hamilton in the costume exhibit? I watch Bernadette Banner’s YouTube videos, and she made a special fundraising video for Broadway’s costumers last winter. In that video she made a Spenser jacket, and recently sent it back to New York (she moved to London in January) for a big costume exhibition.

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    1. I have to look at my pictures from Hamilton. The Skyler (sp)costumes were there, there was a green Hamilton that they talked about getting the exact right shade of green, and I remember there was something about changing david digs costume to more suit his personality. It was really interesting


      1. Thank you! I just wish we’d been able to see them actually work. The costumer from wicked has been there the day before going a hat


  2. Interesting collection of pictures. I also like old movies and they have much to offer with classic actors and focus on characters, and dialogue. So many old movies are remembered just because they are so memorable as in the quote “round up the usual suspects” from Casablanca.


  3. Still haven’t been to NY. Your pictures made me think perhaps…
    Love Mrs. Maisel and, but of course, it should be African Queen. Yes, you are a fine photographer. You have an eye for art. What gives it away to me is you don’t insist on taking a horizontal pic of a vertical subject. You’d be surprised. Thanks for this trip. It’s all I’m going to get of NY for a long time, I’m afraid.

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