Here’s some facts about me:

  1. I wear glasses for near sightedness- I do not wear progressives. What this means is that I often take off my glasses when doing things close up. For example, I am on my computer and I am not wearing glasses and I have absolutely no issue reading what I am typing.
  2. I am vertically challenged

The other night my Husband and I went to dinner. The restaurant was one with dim lighting and the restroom was in the basement. When I went down the stairs, I put my glasses on top of my head, headband style, and walked down the stairs, because with dim lighting I can navigate better sans glasses.

So I get to the economy sized water closet, and I go to put my purse on the hook. My largest problem with unisex toilet facilities is that, for some reason unknown to me, they put the purse hook about 80 feet from the ground. So I’m reaching on my tiptoes to hang my purse…and I need to tilt my head back because seriously, the hook is THAT HIGH, that my glasses start to slip backwards over my head…

Do I need to paint you a picture to show you that my glasses are headed straight for the toilet?

I am grateful that I managed to right myself without dropping my bag.

I am grateful that my glasses didn’t fall into the toilet.

47 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. I now have to wear glasses for close-up work but never seem to anchor them firmly. I was painting our bathroom and caught them just as they were about to fall into the toilet! Feeling very smug at my reactions, the glasses promptly fell off again and into the can of paint 😦

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    1. Sorry but I’m laughing…but I can totally see it happening. I bought a glasses holder lanyard I guess but my daughter said it wasn’t a good look and begged me to stop using it….😆

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      1. No, I always manage to untangle it, but then I have these bits of hair sticking up and then I have to redo the whole hairstyle because it’s too long to just smooth the loose bits down. Needless to say, I avoid putting my glasses on top of my head.

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      2. I don’t like doing it either but I hate ticking them in the top of my outfit. I tried the glasses leash thing but my daughter told me I was never to leave the house with glasses strapped to my neck


    1. I hated them…felt my vision was compromised on both ends…I couldn’t read a physical books or anything of the print medium. Plus, after going through migraine treatment, my vestibular neurologist says that for migraine sufferers progressives are very bad because they cause too much stress

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      1. I think because I don’t need reading glasses yet they are particularly bad for me. I’m not wearing anything as I type this on my iPad and I have tv on and can see it fine. Can’t hear it well because I’m on the exercise bike and I have volume low because my daughter was out late last night and a friend is sleeping over so I’m trying to be quiet…but that’s a whole other thing


  2. Laser procedure to correct the near-sightedness??? Then nothing falls anywhere it shouldn’t and you can stop embarrassing your daughter… I personally have used the librarian chain and actually felt empowered by overlooking my own kids discomfort. It was their problem, not mine as long as it worked for me at the time.

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  3. I need to wear glasses to see, period. I am always afraid that I will break them, so I am super careful. They only come off my face to sleep or shower.

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  4. What is it with the kids and the distain for the chain? Mine said the same thing. I don’t wear mine around the house unless my husband tells me to stop squinting when I watch TV. Usually I am crocheting or coloring while we watch and I can’t have my glasses on for those tasks. But, if that’s the worst problem I have with getting old, I’ll take it!

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  5. I was extremely nearsighted but could see to read. I had cataract surgery and my vision went from 20/2000 to 20/20 — but I can’t read anymore without readers. So I have to wear glasses with my “perfect” vision.

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  6. “I’m not wearing anything as I type this on my iPad”

    Please correct this to “I’m not wearing glasses as I type this on my iPad”. I’m an old man with high blood pressure . . .

    Oh, and I did once drop my glasses down the toilet (fortunately I had just flushed (people always wonder), can’t get on with chains and buy in bulk off Amazon. Totally agree – lasers are for shooting down alien space ships, not pointing in your eyes.

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