• Went to a Met game that they lost badly. However we got a home run and that’s always fun
  • Walked down Broadway in Lower Manhattan- aka Canyon of Hero’s. They have sidewalk plaques for all the people honored with ticker tape parades- It’s odd how pre 1960 there were a ton of parades- as years go on, there are less and less
  • It’s Restaurant “Week” (technically five weeks) in the city. Three course meal for a fixed price. We tried a Hawaiian place which was yummy- finally able to get Loco Moco in the city
  • Still going through Egypt…
  • I happened to see the exhibition “Shapes From Out of Nowhere: Ceramics from the Robert A. Ellison Collection at the Met on Thursday. On Friday I read that he had passed away- I went from never having heard of this person to hearing about him twice in two days…just odd
  • My daughter set up a Mother/Daughter date: dinner at a French Bistro followed by live theater- Done in the streets- you follow the players around and stop and here parts of the story. The story was about Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec- kitsch and fun!
  • The most interesting thing I saw on our city as tourist walk was the digital clock- you can see exactly what time we went by…

23 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: August 1

    1. It’s funny about the taco place…it’s this odd storefront across the street from south street seaport which is a big tourist thing. But these tacos were quality cheap eats….fresh and yummy and unassuming.


  1. I live 6 months of the year on 1 and 1/2 acres and feel crowded, so I know I would not like living in NYC. Your “What Inspired Me” posts, however, always bring out the good parts of city life, the parts I know I would enjoy! Thanks for sharing your part of the world; it expands mine!

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  2. I really need to start taking photos of new places I visit and new foods I try, now that I have the freedom to do this in the town where I grew up but left 15+ years ago and only came back to recently.

    Right now I can just mention a couple of places I hit up in the last few days. First was an Argentine deli that was located in the same strip mall as a very large 99 cent store. I used to frequent this strip to partake in the Mongolian BBQ place that was nestled in one corner which has unfortunately been replaced by an Acai place. I enjoyed the pork sandwich I had and was surprised to see the range of Latin Amrican products in the 99 cent store. I also had a carne asada taco and ceviche and chips at Wahoo Tacos.

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