Last weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a weekend with friends. There is nothing better than getting to spend times with the most cherished people in your life. There’s a magic to old friends, and by old I mean we’ve known each other a very long time. There’s a timelessness quality to it- where we can just sit and talk and laugh all weekend.

It’s as close to perfect as I ever get.

I am grateful to have the most wonderful friends.

I am grateful that though we live apart, we still manage to connect multiple times a week.

Cheers to the friends on our lives who make our days a bit brighter.

18 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: July 31

  1. I will raise a glass to old friends and new friends! If I can just decide on a keto friendly coffee order tomorrow for meeting with an old friend. Can you believe I have perused 10 different sites?

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