As you can see, with life a bit more open, and let’s face it, I do more in the summer…my read books list is a little bit smaller than it has been…

TitleAuthorHow I Learned About BookRanking
The Hundred Years Of Lenni and MargotMarianne CroninWomen’s Day1
The Bad Muslim DiscountSyed M. MasoodBarnes and Noble Recommendations2
The Go BetweenL.P. HartleyCollege Book Club3
Girls With Bright FuturesTracy DobmeierReal Simple4
Before the Coffee Gets ColdToshikazu KawaguchiNot Sure5
Detransition, BabyTorrey PetersGoodreads Newsletter6
The Rib KingLadee HubbardReal Simple7

Here’s the quick wrap up:

  1. I LOVED Lenni and Margot and totally see it as one of my top books of the year
  2. I thought Bad Muslim was a pretty good
  3. I thought everything else on my list was fine- really neither good not bad, my personal rating system had them ranked virtually the same
  4. I can’t imagine a month for the rest of the year when I read more than eight books-
As you can see I finally made BINGO- I did stretch my own rules a bit though. Presently I am reading a book that contains walking tours of NYC- with history. Even though I have not read the whole book in depth- I’m counting it. If anyone out there is a purist- I can continue to use this card, but I’m also starting a new one because I don’t know when I will read any of the unused genres…

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