1) I was fortunate to spend a few days at the shore with my two best friends!!

2) Dominique Ansel, a ridiculous pastry chef, opened up a spot not far from our house…this could be bad for my waistline…

3) one more gallery in Egypt is done

4) Roadrunner. Anthony Bourdain. The original Les Halles was in our neighborhood…still sad about this, but well done doc

5) we went to classical concert at park again. While it’s always lovely to hear music at the park, they’ve chosen very sad pieces…would love more vibrant music in the summer

17 thoughts on “What inspired me: July 25

    1. Here’s the problem with the series…they’re not posting the pieces they’re playing, and since we sit behind the musicians with the dog, the audio for the names is sketchy…


      1. The installation in the park this summer is by Maya Lin, and it’s supposed to be about deforestation and global warning, so I get it, but yeah…I’ll see if online they lost the works


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