• http://aprolificpotpourri.art/2021/07/17/las-dog-betty/ Please check out the drawing of betty on Matt’s website!!! Matt did a drawing of Penny recently and his artwork is just wonderful!!!! Matt is most definitely an inspiration!
  • I’m still working my way through Egypt at the Met- I thought it was very interesting that they buried the bodies facing left, and painted eyes outside the coffin, so they could “see out”
  • Louise Nevelson Plaza is the first public space named after an artist- quite a coup for a woman (though Frida Kahlo might not have been so thrilled)
  • Alice Neel!
  • My daughter and I had a very decadent brunch with Betty at Clinton Hall. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a donut grilled cheese again, but it was worth the try. We each won a game of Connect 4…
  • Betty loved being alongside another icon…

56 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: July 18

  1. Donut grilled cheese sounds…. interesting…. How was Black Widow? I have heard mixed reviews.

    The Egypt stuff… That reminds me of when I was at the Egyptian gallery at the British Museum. There was this sarcophagus just out without glass and some guy decided to lean against it and I think that’s the closest I have ever come to punching a stranger.

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    1. The sweet salty thing was pretty good. I didn’t dip into the tomato soup though. I’m glad I split it with my daughter because it was decadent!! Worth trying, but not something I’m ever getting again. We tried the place cause my daughter had read about it and wanted to try it. They had board games and foosball so it was a fun place. Black widow was better than captain marvel movie, but not as good as avengers. On the scale of stand alone superhero movies I’d place it towards the lower half..I think captain America, Ironman and Thor are better franchises. It was different than I thought it would be as far as story in the timeline. I do think Florence Pugh is amazing though. And omg people at museums!! When someone tries to touch something I freak!!! I just don’t understand!!

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      1. I’ll probably wait to see Black Widow when it’s available for free on Disney Plus, then. There’s only one movie this year I will definitely see in the theater, and that’s Dune in October.

        I don’t understand people in museums, either. Like, here’s this 4000 year old thing. It’s incredibly fragile. I’ll just go and touch it, it’s fine….

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      2. Right? Or needing to get right up to a painting…most of the time the perspective is better from a distance!


  2. Not sure about having another grilled cheese donut? LA, come on….hahahaha. I am amazed you had one in the first place….looks amazing, how fun. Lovely pics from the City as always. A lovely Sunday to you.

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  3. Nice photos. This might be part of your walks. I am looking forward to seeing pics of the Village area. When I left NY, I lived on Abingdon Square. There was a wonderful Korean deli next to the apt. I shared. It was very central to walking.

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  4. I admit to being envious that you are so close to so many easily accessible art/culture venues. I have to drive, mostly 1 hour+ into cities with horrid traffic/construction to see anything interesting. It becomes a major production.

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    1. I trade closet space for culture. Though, on a funny note, I have a good friend who lives in a rural,area and he was just saying that he can’t imagine living in a city and trying to do “normal” things

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  5. I don’t know about the grilled cheese and donut. I think I might get sick with all those carbs. We are getting our local concerts in the park back in August. They are cover bands but some of them are pretty good. Thanks for taking us to the Met.


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