When we go on our visit New York as a tourist walks, we take the dog.

The other day we were out, and a group of tourists passed us and exclaimed over Betty. They remarked to one another that they could have brought their dog on the trip. Her family looked skeptical.

The woman turned to me and said:

Your dog is so much better behaved than mine

It was then my turn to laugh, because Betty is so spoiled, and the least well behaved dog ever.

I’m grateful that my dog, and my daughter, can appear to have manners and be well behaved when out in the world.

I’m also grateful that they both have spirit and enthusiasm and can sometimes behave with not so reckless abandon!

19 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. Do you think that tourists are surprised to see regular people living their lives in NY? I know when I lived in the city and I was on a date at the Russian Tearoom. A tourist kept talking to me and my date about ‘living in the city.’ While it was a little annoying in my carefree 20’s, I felt that she, coming from Nebraska, was fairly entertaining with her beliefs about living in the city.

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  2. I love this! Too funny. It’s interesting how others judge us (and our pets) after such a short interaction as “well-behaved” (or not, depending on the interaction, maybe they think we’re horrendous just cuz we’re having a bad day). Hmmm
    I once had a man comment that I was a very happy person. He obviously did not know me very well at all. Yes, I can be very happy but there are lots of times I am not happy at all. It kind of brings me back to a prior post of yours regarding stereo typing.

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