So imagine you’re me. You’re wearing a black dress and comfy sandals. You’re carrying a big tote bag that contains the dog’s flea prevention medicine, light bulbs and zucchini. You and the dog have been out for at least an hour running errands.

You’re approaching your building. You pass the bar/restaurant next door, and you notice the lockbox on the front door is open with the key exposed (a lockbox is literally what it sounds like- proprietors place it on the door or security gate. You either use an app or a code to open it and retrieve the key that actually opens the door or gate)


You see the box open. You know that anyone passing by can access the building. You know that there is probably a security system, but you feel bad that someone can get the key…

What do you do?

  1. try to close the box
  2. take the key and leave your number
  3. call the establishment
  4. call non emergency police station number
  5. call city info number (311 in New York)
  6. Do nothing
  7. Pretend you didn’t see anything
  8. Do nothing and then worry that something bad will happen
  9. Try to close the box, be unable to do it, then worry that your fingerprints are all over it

Inquiring minds want to know!

71 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: What Would You Do?

    1. I tried to lock it. Then got worried about fingerprints….then left a message….then called non emergency police (no one answered…) then I just worried…😆

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  1. Alright, first, an inquiry from me, and maybe some others here – are you going to collect and share these data? Would love to see the answer response distribution.

    Anyway, I would either do number 1 or 3 – that’s today, though. Previous to 3 or 4 years ago, I would have probably done nothing and worried excessively about it….

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    1. I wasn’t planning on collecting the data…I really wanted to see how many people would have acted like I did…of course…I did just about all these things….😆

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  2. I would have obviously started over-analyzing the entire situation. What time did you pass by? Has the box been open overnight, or did someone just recently enter? Honest mistake by an employee or that rogue employee with an easy break and enter robbing the place? Gun? Knife? Arsonist employee with a grudge? Fire? Is my building too close? Go evacuate the family just in case then attempt to be a hero- concerned citizen- busy body- ignorant of the entire situation? There’s just too many possibilities and by that point the bar would be open and serving guests!

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    1. I totally over analyzed it….I tried to lock it, then thought oh crap fingerprints what if something happens…then I called the bar…then non emergency…then worry….😆😆😆

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      1. Here is exactly what I did! Saw the open lock box. Looked around to see if police were nearby. Looked in window. Tried to close it. Worried about fingerprints. Went home and called bar, left a message. Tried to call non emergency police…no response. Tried 311. No response. Worried rest of day

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    1. Hmmm…if sarcasm was your goal, I’ll say thank you for taking time apart from your interesting life to comment on my blog. I looked at your site and found it incredibly diverse. If you’re commenting on the zucchini as a phallic symbol I’d say there are better blogs than mine to comment on. If you’re really just intrigued by the zucchini I’ll tell you that it was really tasty as I oven fried it with dipping sauce. You choose which answer fits the comment. And if you weren’t being sarcastic I truly apologize

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