I have no idea what to name this week!

  1. Still in Egypt as I slowly go through the Met! What I found interesting this week was the mystery of the letters- in ancient Egypt that found some letters that were sealed but apparently never reached their destination. Add on top of this, Agatha Christie wrote a mystery about these letters! So you know I got the book…
  2. Had an amazing egg sandwich at Society Cafe- what was even better than scrambled eggs in a popover was that I had book club live and in person!!
  3. Saw “Summer of Soul” documentary- very interesting look at Harlem Cultural Festival in 1969
  4. Outdoor concerts at the park! You may notice that I took the picture from behind the musicians- that’s because Betty is not allowed on the lawn, so we improvised
  5. On our walk this week we saw the Irish Famine Memorial. Outside the monument are quotes from people who emigrated here during the famine. The memorial contains a cottage that was donated for the exhibit- very moving.
  6. Had amazing Peruvian meal at Popular, a new place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan- fun place and good food!
  7. Fireworks as seen from the roof
  8. Flowers as seen from the garden

23 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: July 11

  1. Sounds like a rich, diverse week. Enjoyed the pictures. Regarding the Irish Famine, last year when I was working on family history, I spent a little time watching some documentaries on Youtube about it. I had no idea just how terrible that was. I’ve never taken a potato for granted since.

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  2. It’s easier to be inspired when unencumbered and when with someone who wants to inspire you! I was fortunate to find myself in this position in the last week or two. As a result I found and tried El Pollo Inka and another location of a favorite restaurant and bakery, Kings Hawaiian, that was still serving its full menu as opposed to its other larger location. I also finally bought some shoes at the Skechers outlet and got my hair colored. I had always wanted to do the former and had not done the latter for several years even though others had urged me to. I even went out on a limb and let the hairdresser color me the way she wanted to!

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