You may or may not know that NYC is getting pelted by Tropical Storm Elsa weather- which means some ridiculous rain….

Last night we went to dinner with friends. The place was about a mile away and my original intention was that we would walk home. We stayed out a little later than I thought and I was tired so I told my Husband that I wanted to get a cab.


We walked a few steps and we happened to see a cab so we jumped in.

About ten seconds after the cab started, buckets, and I mean buckets of rain poured from the sky…

I am so grateful that we found a cab right before the skies opened up!!!!!

Heavy rain and lightening much better seen through window of dry cab as opposed to being doused in it…

29 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 10

  1. What did you have to eat if you don’t mind me asking? And on a related note, I am batching it all week, so I went out with my mom and dad for a bite to eat. That taxi was providential!

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    1. Peruvian. Pictures tomorrow! It’s the kind of place where you can share food because the portions are easy to divide. Ceviche, lomo saltado, charsiu fried rice with prawns, Black Sea bass from wood oven and chicken from oven. Dessert was Peruvian chocolate cup (70% Peruvian cacao) and pina colada cachanga. Delicious!! Funny about the cab…it was facing south and we had to go north. Normally we look for cab in correct direction but I was just like let’s grab it…so glad!!

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  2. Lightning is the one that gets me! After living in Colorado my whole life we have seen amazing but scary lightning storms. It never would cease to amaze me how many golfers would get struck or people standing on the porch to watch the storms. Yes, thank goodness for the cab! It is yucky to walk home on a full stomach only to be soaked by rain! Yes, my friend moved to PA and luckily he said I’m his neighborhood the rain was a little like Seattle but did say when it hit it just DUMPED!

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  3. Serendipity! Glad you weren’t drenched. We have been dealing with very hot days. Last week was brutal and temps remain higher than normal. Wildfires are destroying large parcels of land in B.C. and I worry about lightening strikes in our neck of the woods as well. We could use some of that rain. I mean couldn’t Mother Nature balance it all out? I know, I know, global warming, climate change etc.

    I am grateful for fans and air conditioning.

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  4. I’ve had something like that happen….. I photographed an outdoor wedding several years ago, and we were finishing up some shots after the ceremony, before the (indoor) reception. Got the bride and groom into the limo, got me and my gear into the car, and 30 seconds later the skies opened up and it poured all night. Great timing!

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  5. Lol when I read the “10 seconds after we got in the cab…” I thought you were going to say the lights started flashing and we were in “The Cash Cab!” Glad that you were able to stay relatively dry.

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