40 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Yes, take a break. It’s healthy. I took a break from magazine writing. I couldn’t do it anymore. You were on quite a roll with your recent posts. Maybe it was psychologically draining to put your thoughts out there last week?

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      1. You know what is interesting… my Blog views have gone down SO LOW, like when I started 6 years ago. I think that makes me not feel like writing. I’ve never wanted to have thousands of followers, but to be back to square one — that’s not fun. So, I feel like something is going on with WordPress. I don’t even get spammers anymore. THAT is strange. I used to have a lot that WP would catch, not anymore. I mean, we don’t want them, but sometimes they are a benchmark to what is going on with our site. So, this is part of my heaviness to writing.

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      2. I think a lot of long time bloggers/readers are no longer in the game, so yeah…I get that’s it’s kind of sad to miss all these people…even though we don’t write for others, we still like the knowledge that others are reading us…I get it

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