If I had to name this week it would be that some things can’t be described: I have neither the photo skills or writing ability to adequately talk about my week

  1. In my search for best burger, I think I may have found a contender. Gramercy Tavern makes a mean (and pricey) cheeseburger. It was pretty close to perfection
  2. Went to Fotografiska. The exhibits were not merely photographs- they were explorations of themes and tropes. The Miles Aldridge exhibit was mind blowing. I’d never heard of him before, but I was really impressed with the body of his work. But everything I saw at this museum was incredible.
  3. Discovered rooms at the Met that I’ve never seen- love when I find things that are new and amazing
  4. I went to the Botanic Garden when it was drizzling. It’s always interesting to see flowers and plants when it’s overcast- the oral history that accompanies some of the plants is really interesting
  5. You notice that my picture of Yankee Stadium is through the window at the Subway station- that’s because we got off the subway to find out the game was cancelled because of incoming storms
  6. I did see my beloved Mets fall to the Phillies- insert sad face
  7. Went for Japanese food- they serve what is known as a “Set”- ridiculous amount of food- had Katsu Ju which is a fried pork cutlet served in an egg custard over dashi simmered rice. So. Good.
  8. Rita Moreno doc was very average considering it was about the incredible Rita Moreno
  9. Love is love

27 thoughts on “What Inspired Me July 4

      1. You know what is was? Besides superior ingredients, it had the exact right ratio…I could take a bite and get everything at once

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      2. I am very envious 😉 So often, you buy a burger that looks great but disappoints. Worse than those are the ones where the bread or the patty itself does not even survive one bite 😦

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    1. I’ve decided that my best form of self care is trying to do the four things I love most…The Met, botanic garden, film and ethnic food once in the week…it makes me happy and at peace

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  1. Cheeseburgers…. My friend and I were walking around downtown last night, and we walked by a burger place that went out of business last year. It’s tough to be a new burger place around here, because there’s a 3-shop local burger place that pretty much has the market cornered, their food is that good.

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    1. New York has a never ending supply of burger places. On a funny note I got an email from Thrillist with the top nyc burger places….the place I went to doesn’t even make the list….so the burger game here is real

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  2. Betty is too cute!
    Would love to have a Botanic Gardens nearby to visit. Grew up near Philly so have always been a Philly fan, sorry! When I was 20 and waitressing, one of my co-workers and I always had an ongoing bet when it was baseball season. He loved the Mets and the Braves, anyone but the Phillies basically. So whenever the Phillies were playing we would make a bet. Sadly I lost more money than I won! At least they were small bets. The one year the Phillies played the Braves in the Super bowl. He bought a tissue box to work for me after the final game.

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  3. I envy your being able to go to the museums time and time again, just focusing on one part. You don’t have to try to see the whole thing in one fell swoop and come away having enjoyed it but remembering little.

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    1. It’s funny that you say that, because my new “thing” is to go to the Met (of which I’m a member) and just do one or two rooms, but really focus on them…which is while I’ll probably just be in ancient a Egypt for a year…😆I’m going by myself for an hour a week, and so far it’s been amazing for my head and heart. It’s the ultimate self care

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