What would I call this week?

Maybe Lights, Camera, Action…..

  1. Saw off off Broadway theater- LIVE- this company always does a very campy Agatha Christie play. Kitsch but fun…
  2. Saw a cabaret show at Tavern on the Green- I happened to see Kathyrn Gallagher on Broadway in Jagged Little Pill before the shutdown, so when my daughter told me she was performing I knew I had to see her. Secretly, was hoping her father (Peter Gallagher) was there because he is my secret crush…
  3. Also went to see H.E.R. live at Rock Center for the Today show taping. Don’t tell GMA that I cheated on them…
  4. Primary Day here in NYC- we get a new Mayor. We won’t know the candidates till July thought because of ranked choice voting which is new this year
  5. Harry Potter store- if you are a Potter fan, come on down in July when the Virtual Reality experience opens. The store and Butterbeer are pretty cool though
  6. The Shake Shack shake….SOOOOOO GOOOOD
  7. My daughter bought me a book with 30 Manhattan walks. My husband and I ventured out on the first walk, which was in Lower Manhattan. Happened upon the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which was very impressive. Onto the glass blocks are etched letters that Service people had sent home. Really moving. One of my new goals is to explore my city a little more- to look at things I may have walked by, or venture to neighborhoods I really don’t know very well.
  8. When my daughter finished kindergarten, we told her we would take her for dinner to celebrate the schoolyear. For the 15th year in a row, we went to Cowgirl…

39 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: June 27

  1. Ranked voting sounds complicated. I like when the person who gets the most votes wins. Great idea for walking around NY. Something I always did living there in my20’s. I would walk 40 blocks from downtown to East 80’s. Take care and stay safe.

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    1. Well, it’s a primary, and in order for someone to win a primary they need to have a certain percentage. There were a lot of candidates and this is supposed to be easier than an actual run off

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      1. Whenever I hear that somethings a treasure, I think about the episode where they have dinner with Ralph’s boss who has a beautiful wife. The wife says to Alice that Ralph is a treasure and Alice says yeah..a buried treasure

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  2. I love that you’ve gone to the same restaurant each year for your daughter’s celebration. We did the same with our kids. Johnny Costa’s in Palm Springs. Johnny was Frank Sinatra’s personal chef. I sure miss that place and we haven’t found anything to replace it for our celebrations.

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  3. Fantastic pics, awesomeness inspiration, LA. Of course the shake…amazing, the Bahn mi looks sublime, and the frito pie? I won’t even go into that right now…oh, I am glad to read that In the Heights is worthwhile. I’ve not seen it yet. Maybe this week.

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    1. In the Heights is just fun. Great music. Likable characters…I saw the Rita Moreno doc last night…my daughter and I thought it was average…didn’t deserve the 93 rating on rotten tomatoes

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    1. To be fair…we don’t. But my daughter is an editor on the arts section of her college paper and occasionally gets on vip lists for free events (alas never the expensive ones)

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  4. And thanks for providing some more NYC places to visit. I hope to also need that someday. At least I can sample a Shake Shack shakebsometime soon. I’ve never tried any of their fare and I know they have non NYC locations and probably one in L.A. somewhere!

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    1. I think there’s one near one of the colleges…my daughters bestie goes to college in LA and I’m pretty sure she said there was


      1. Looked it up and it turns out there are 16 in the Greater L.A. area. Must add one to my bucket list to visit before my possible move to MI where there are not as many.

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