Yes. I read a lot this month.

I know people often comment about the amount that I read. I use Barnes and Noble Nook as an ereader, and they began a new feature that estimates how long it will take to finish a book. It’s based on how quickly you read. I thought I would add what my estimated reading times are and how long it took me to finish the books.

TitleAuthorHow I learned about bookNook estimated read timeActual read timeRanking
The GuncleSteven RowleyGoodreads Newsletter4 hr8 days1
Song of AchillesMadeline Millerdaughter5 hrs40 days2
Crying in H MartMichelle ZaunerGoodreads Newsletter3 hrs 24 days3
The Empathy DiariesSherry TurkleBuilding Book CLub4 hrs20 days4
The Missing Treasures of Amy AshtonEleanor RayIn Person browse Barnes and Noble4 hrs3 days5
The Music of BeesEileen GarvinCollege Book Club, GMA Friday Picks, Good Housekeeping4 hrs13 days6
The Soulmate EquationChristina LaurenGoodreads Newsletter4 hrs8 days7
People We Meet on VacationEmily Henrygoodreads newsletter, Real Simple5 hrs6 days8
Gunpowder GreenLaura ChildsTea Society book club3 hrs7 days9
Malibu RisingTaylor Jenkins Readeread author before, Good Housekeeping, Goodreads Newsletter, Jenna Book Club5 hrs4 days10
The Wife UpstairsRachel HawkinsGoodreads Newsletter4hrs11 days11
The NewcomerMary Kay Andrewsauthor I read before6 hrs4 days12
The Talented Miss FarwellEmily Gray Tedrowenot sure4 hrs6 days13
That SummerJennifer Weinerauthor I’ve read before, personal browse5 hrs2 days14
Family ReunionNancy Thayerauthor I’ve read before, personal browse4 hrs2 days15
This is how much I liked the books. It does not mean that the first book is great and the last book is bad. It’s just how much, at this moment in time, I enjoyed these things.
Still no BINGO. But I have hope for adding more next month!

41 thoughts on “My Month in Books June

  1. This is interesting. I never sit and read a book cover to cover so seeing the 4 hours, etc. to finish a book made me laugh. Kind of unrealistic, for me at least. Glad to see your actual time too – that’s the number to look at. Also, your library BINGO card is very similar to the ones we give out to patrons at our library. We got away from the BINGO card last year, but everyone likes it, so we’re back to old school. Don’t change something if it works, right?

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  2. The only one I’ve read is The Talented Miss Farrell – which was quite different, but left my wondering at the end what the point was. It was unique anyway, and I enjoyed the art part.

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    1. I freely admit that I skimmed the last three or so chapters because I didn’t see the point. Agreed…the art part was incredibly interesting. It was a good concept and then kaput

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      1. It’s was such a different end than I expected…not literally, because I did expect the actuality, but just the way it was written/explained

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  3. I wonder how many people on average read a book cover to cover in one sitting? My library Libby app has stats much like your Nook. I ignore them 😉 I’ve not put any of these on my TBR list, and a few I’ve never even come across in library/Goodreads updates. Curious now to check into a few on the list… thanks!

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    1. I never read in one sitting. Even when I was at the airport/in flight I either switched books or broke it up with a movie. But I like stats, so I thought it was interesting to see how my reading speed is calculated. It’s only a guesstimate those, because “light” read so much quicker

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  4. Some of these are on my list. Your bingo card is filling up! It takes me forever to get a bingo on bingo cards, so I haven’t done one in a long time. Love the idea though. Happy reading! ❤️

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    1. Ok….some books I read no more than a chapter a day…non fiction or books that are just beautiful language. I make notes when I read, so these books I take more time with. Other books are what I call East readers…predictable…I read these on mass transit or before bed because they are mainly happy books and don’t require much concentration. Some books are just so trite that I read them really fast because I can guess the next sentence. I usually have four books going at a time, though I might not read them each every day.

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      1. It is interesting to hear how you approach reading your books. Everyone has a style that fits them. I usually just read one or two at a time. I can have several genres going at once, but just one book in each genre. Because I review, I make myself write a review before I move on to the next book.

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  5. Oooh! I really like the way you organized this chart! 😍 I haven’t read any of these but I’ll have to look into them. I have never managed to read many in a span of a year but I’m trying to learn how to get more reading done; that way I could join a book club or do a reading bingo like this! Your post is definitely making me want to try. (:

    Best of luck with your reading goals.

    Christina Kuvaja | Navigation To Happiness

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