39 thoughts on “Woman 5.0

  1. Having crossed into 5.0 territory over a decade ago I agree wholeheartedly. Is it a perfect upgrade? No. The hot flashes and vaginal changes really suck, especially if one isn’t able to benefit from hormone replacement therapy. But, scientists are working to help alleviate those issues, and all things considered, I wouldn’t go back to the period years.

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  2. Women are amazing. God knew we’d need (even more amazing) strength for this stage of life. The lack of blood loss helps. The lack of testosterone, not so much. Can I have mine back please ?

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  3. I felt saddened when I stopped having my period. I didn’t feel like me. But I got over it. My daughter was in Mexico representing California in a swim meet when she got her first period. There was no bathroom at the newly constructed pool where they were competing. She and her friends walked to a poverty stricken neighborhood nearby to find a bathroom for her.

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  4. I was at my annual physical today.. doc asked me how I was feeling. I heard myself answer..”I am thrilled to be alive.” “Did something happen?” He asked..I was like “Umm, yeah, 2020!..” and then I thought about it some more as he listened to my heart beating.. I am really..truly.. thrilled to be alive. I am happy and grateful and presently inhabiting some kind of post-pandemic, mental and physical, post menopausal sweet spot. Who knows how long it will last, but for now it’s pretty awesome.

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  5. That was excellent LA and I wholeheartedly agree. I haven’t felt this good since I was 11. I remember getting that woman speech too in grade school when all the girls had to watch a video so vague you were left wondering with questions. And I’m old enough to remember those belts and not having anything stronger than Midol for cramps – good riddance!

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  6. It feels like freedom, free from the cycle of hormones, bleeding, bloating. Free from the fluctuations of moods, temperature, hunger. Free from the focus on the physical aspects of our bodies to the opulent valley of thoughts, dreams, and manifestations. It just keeps getting better! C

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  7. I also remember those “belts”! 🤣 Awful. Perhaps moms say those things because they now feel more connected with their woman-child when it happens. I dunno. As a woman who “arrived” at menopause a number of years ago, there are a lot of pluses….and some minuses to that process. I chose not to go the. hormone replacement route because the transition wasn’t too bad for me. Except for the added pounds and a few too many wrinkles, Woman 5.0 is something to definitely raise that wine glass and toast.

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  8. I’m embarrassed to say I had to read the comments to know what you were trying to say here and what 5.0 meant! I agree with the comments of those who, like me, are well past our 5.0 versions. Your best life is yet to be with the added bonus that you will be able to edit your recall of life before then more and more so as each year after this one passes. This has been one of many benefits of aging I invented for myself as I passed the anticipated halfway mark, or thereabouts, of my earthly life!

    Personally, I was going through peri-menopause quickly followed by full menopause when I passed that milestone. Concurrently I was also going through a lot of other life-changing events. I had felt a few “change of life” twinges before I was overcome by those events, most of which were the result of a cross-country relocation of my family when my then same-aged husband’s employer moved and we both feared he would not able to find an equivalent new job at his age! In a way that was a lucky happenstance because before I knew, amid all the tumult, I almost imperceptibly crossed over to post-menopause. Lucky me, for once!

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