My daughter and her roommates got the room they wanted (Six girls- they got the room with two bathrooms- can you imagine six girls and one bathroom?)

I am grateful that she got the housing that she wanted!

My daughter also got into a specific class, because she really wanted to learn from a specific professor. Turns out this Professor won a Pulitzer last week. I take back everything I wrote about book award winners…

I am grateful that my daughter might actually get to experience college that way that she always dreamed of.

48 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday June 19

  1. So funny, I’m celebrating a different version of the same thing: finding housing! My daughter took a job in Boston and FINALLY.. FINALLY!!.. found a place to live that isn’t a dark, dank, studio-basement-prison cell for $3,000 a month! Her place is simply adorable.. bright windows, exposed brick with a roof terrace to boot..a miracle really.. tiny, but oozing with New England charm. SO I join you in this collective sigh of relief and thanksgiving today. I’m so glad your daughter will FINALLY be able to enjoy an authentic, college experience!

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  2. I can imagine 25 girls with one communal bathroom with only three showers/sinks/toilets, so to me it sounds like your daughter will be living in luxury. Great news about the prof, unless the award goes to his head of course.

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    1. HerπŸ˜‰but hopefully not. My daughter says she has the reputation as being one of the best professors, so excitement abounds


  3. When my daughter was a freshman in college, she was assigned a four-person room, and the shared a single bathroom with another four-person room. Almost all the other rooms in the dorm were two-person and they shared a bathroom with another two-person room, but my daughter was in the “lucky” minority that got the big rooms. It was not a good situation, to say the least.

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      1. Yes, and when I called to ask if it was possible to have her reassigned, the young man (of course it was a man) made it very clear that if my daughter couldn’t handle eight people to a bathroom, then she was just a “snowflake”, or whatever the term for that was at the time.

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