I’m thinking we need a primer for romance. So I’ve adapted my thoughts on what romance is:

R– Respect

O– Openness

M– Making an effort

A– Appeal

N– No Harping

C– Communication

E– Expressing feelings

So you see my ideas…

What word/word group would you use to describe romance? For my game, you must use the letters in romance.

What do you think are the keys to romance?


50 thoughts on “R is for…

    1. BTW, I added some “shallow” elements to my list because I’m a romantic. I can’t help it, but I do need that magical element in a relationship. Some people would call it that spark. And while ONE’s looks May seem shallow, we have to find our partner appealing in appearance. That is of course relative… everyone has their own “type”. Keeping in mind that I still found my husband handsome when he was dying of cancer. Because I saw the essence of him. So the magic and the looks transcend the actual physical if you truly love someone.

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      1. Agreed….you must be attracted to your partner, and it doesn’t mean they need to be an Adonis or Venus….One could find a bald guy, with an extra five pounds to be the most attractive man on earth. It’s all relative


  1. Romance for me is…

    Open & honest
    Makes me laugh (a lot & often)
    Natural (not high maintenance)

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  2. Letting go of things that disrupt our intimacy…like resentment, obstinacy, mansplaining, accusing, name calling, complaining, excessive judgement. I might be in a mood today, my apologies is I approached this a little sideways, C

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      1. Shallow is only bad if someone is hurt from it, or if expectations are off…otherwise, I’m fine with it


      1. R-Reminiscing together -Respect
        O- Open hearts
        M- Merriment, making each other laugh
        A- Adventuring together
        N-Noting the importance of each other’s feelings, even when you don’t understand them.
        E-Envisioning the future together

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  3. R for Realistic – Real romance isn’t what we see in the movies.
    O for Observational – Observant of the other person’s mood, needs, etc.
    M for Merciful – Give each other grace.
    A for Apologetic – When wrong, swallow pride and apologize.
    N for Nutty – Laughter is so important!
    C for Comforting – When the other is hurting.
    E for Extra – Go the extra mile for each other.

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  4. I think you hit the majority of the ones I find the most important. Communication is always going to be at the top of my list. There is no way I can fit some of the others into the letters, though. How do you work in being able to laugh at yourself with your partner and being goofy into that?

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