1. Early in the week it was 90..with a real feel of about a billion- inspiration doesn’t come easy
  2. My daughter was away this past weekend, so the cat, uncharacteristically, chose to sleep on my bed
  3. Betty got a little spa day
  4. Ended up at two French bistros this week- I love soufflé and floating island but there aren’t many places in NYC where you can get them, so I got lucky
  5. Saw live music!!! Don’t worry, I took the picture before they performed: they were setting up their instruments so I got a no flash shot of the set up. Lovely rendition of Haydn’s “The Seven Last Words of Christ”. The concert was held in the Assembly Room of the lovely Riverside Church
  6. My tea society had a lovely afternoon at Brooklyn High Low- delicious tea and sandwiches and the room was just beautiful
  7. Cruella was fun. Great clothes.
  8. I know that bird houses are not a big deal to most of you, but in Manhattan they aren’t things we normally see, so when I spotted them on a small stretch of East 81st St, I had to snap a picture
  9. And life continues on…

36 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: June 13

  1. I have been intrigued by the idea of “high tea” and tea shops, etc. for years and yet have never experienced any of it. I’m especially curious about your “tea society” and what all that might entail. I’ve also never had souffle’, … it looks delish, as does the “floating island”. I really enjoy these snippets of your week, as they are things that I most likely never encounter in mine. So fun to see how others experience life! Thank you for giving us a peek into yours’! 🙂

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    1. I love everything about tea. We meet for tea about four times a year (we did do zoom meetings. Our tea master would send us the tea samples in advance) we try different teas and discuss the flavors notes, how and where the tea is grown etc. we also have a book club that meets 6/times a year and the books all reference tea in some way. I love learning about tea and tasting it.

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      1. Oh that sounds quite fun and interesting. I love trying different teas as well and would be embarrassed to admit how many big sealed pouches of different loose teas from Adagio I have squirreled away. I haven’t delved too deeply into learning about it other than what the various descriptions depict…….sounds like one of a million other interesting things I need to add to my reading list that I never get very far on!! LoL

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      2. I don’t, because I get my info from my tea master. But I will ask her. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook….pret a portea. Her name is Robyn

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  2. The tea room is beautiful. I can’t help thinking of all the effort that must have gone into supplying the delicious sandwiches, tea, crumpets, and pastries. What a spread, or cart, as the case may be.

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    1. It’s such a wonderful little space to go for a bit. The owners name is Honey Moon…everything is done with great care. The objets are all vintage finds…just wonderful.


  3. “Don’t worry, I took the picture before they performed: they were setting up their instruments so I got a no flash shot of the set up.”
    As a musician, this is music to my ears!!! In this day and age it seems no one cares a whit about the distractions to live performers of flash – and/or obnoxious hands holding camaras up from all over for the video, etc…I don’t know if there’s any ‘answer’ to the 21st century norms that are evolving in concert etiquette – but just your awareness of the **reasoning** behind why flash photography is a no-no is a comfort to this old-timer performer!!!!
    Gotta love you New Yorkers!

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    1. 😉I don’t understand the need to record every moment. When do you actually look at them? But yes…I hate when people take multiple pics, especially at something like classical or a dance or play. It’s so distracting to performers

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